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  1. George Simmons wrote: LMAO!
  2. rainyoregonchristmas wrote: http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=26709&forum_id=74&highlight=BMI Look at Post #18
  3. Or use can use an app called TeamViewer, it's a remote desktop program. You can see you desktop right from your smart phone. Works great!
  4. SWood


    I bet when it comes out it will be version]
  5. Awesome! Didn't think about that. Thanks for the pic!
  6. dougd wrote: Wow thats excactly what I had planned for mine! Can you put a closeup pic or explain how you mounted the bulbs to the pvc? Thanks!
  7. http://2oldladiesandanoven.com/Downloads.htm
  8. I use two tracks to group my two CCR's before S3. Since thats how my channel configuration is setup, I still use tracks for this reason and will continue to.
  9. Surfing4Dough wrote: That sounds pretty good, I have an external antenna and coax that came with the one I have now, it should work fine then. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Surfing4Dough wrote: I have a EDM-LCD-RDS-EP (their best). Depends on what your budget is. The RDS is a luxury, you're right. But it does add something to the display. I don't regret getting it--would buy it again. EDM-TX-LCD-EP is the same transmitter, without RDS (text). The only other one to consider is the EDM-LCD-CS-EP which is their budget model which a few here have used and seems to do well. Below is their description for it. I know these ranges can vary, but what kind of range do you get with this unit. I 'm looking for a good backup but need range since i'm nearly 300 fe
  11. I don't chime in much but do read alot. So there are alot of CCR's out there and I think there is a ton more CCR's in operation with no problems than just the few you see reported here that have problems. It's kinda like watching ther news, you only hear about the bad stuff. With that said I have two CCR's that make 4 arches and have two "crucial" bends in them. I handled these things like they were dynamite when installing and taking down. I even waited until a warm day so they would be more flexible when taking them down and coiled them up, putting them back in the original box. "Knock on w
  12. RaceMedic wrote: Steve ... Do you have any video of your arches ?! I want to do the same ... 4 arches with 2 CCRs. I see on your that as your reach the bottom the ribbon goes more to the top of the PVC vs the front. Does it make much of a difference visually to the visitor ?! Thanks, Dave Dave, right under his picture is a vimeo link. I watched it as well. I don't think the visitors would even notice it being up off the ground, only you LoL. I'm going to do mine this way this year.
  13. I like the idea of keeping the ends up off the ground. I had the same setup with 8' pipe where the ends were on the ground, at the end of the season they were covered with dirt and mud from the rain.
  14. Speakefamily wrote: There presale is going on now, now would be the time to buy from CDI. http://www.creativedisplays.com/Announcements
  15. Some people use small plastic shoe boxes others get enclosures from various telco sites. Since I work for the phone co. I rescued a couple old ones and made mine. Attached files
  16. Mine is http://www.facebook.com/thesoundoflights
  17. How do you get the sound on the video feed?
  18. jimswinder wrote: Stop reading!!!!' Those "for hours" could have been used sequencing!!! welcome to the insanity... I agree! Get your layout figured out and download some sequences. They won't match your layout but there is a thing that works wonders called copy and paste, you can copy selected channels in to your layout and should be able to come up with a good show in plenty of time.
  19. That's Awesome! I might have to stop by Garden Ridge tomorrow! LOL
  20. Wow Thanks! Just told someone last night that I needed to buy one of these. Got one on the way.
  21. I've gotten rid of 21 in the past 4 weeks. I wasn't gonna bother them until I noticed my hose pipe in the yard had all kinda squirrel bites. I immediately thought of drop cords and light strings! I couldn't take a chance on getting them chewed up so I had to take action.
  22. when I went to Vegas and had brain overload.
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