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  1. I haven't heard of any time out on sandevices. Make sure after you ran the test patterns you set that back to 0 for all lights off before running it with LOR. There might be some type of setting on your network card causing this too but I would have to look at the settings.
  2. Ok open your control panel and click network prefrences. Click the dmx tab and select the advanced button on the right (if your not already in the advanced mode) click one of the universes on the left say 1 for example. Select "Use e1.31" and then select multicast and click ok. The port number should stay the same. Then you will probably have to close out your control panel and sequence editor etc. Restart the control panel first and then your command or commlistener icon should be at the bottom in your taskbar. It should say something like e1.31 universe 1 opened on XXX.XX.XXX.XX ip address
  3. The usb485 has to be plugged in but not connected to your e6804. This will give you the control lights option in the sequence editor. The control panel turns on the DMX listener and will open a command box on your pc but it will be minimized. If you click on it at the bottom of the screen it will show you what DMX universes you have setup on LOR and if they are listening for commands. Now for the DMX preferences I will have to look at my pc to direct you through the steps. It's real easy but without looking at it I can't tell you how to do it. If nobody chimes in before I get home I will
  4. Jim. I gotta ask some simple questions. Do you have the usb485 connected and the control panel running? And is your DMX universes setup in the hardware utility?
  5. You can't change the CCR controller. You have to make sure the strip is RGB. I've heard if several people running into this problem.
  6. Yep only 512 channels per universe.
  7. OK I see what your saying now. What I did was left it at dmx 1.1 etc. and then right clicked the first channel, clicked convert to rgb channel and named it there (mini tree) then checked the box, also do this for the following channels and it renamed all the channels mini tree 1 mini tree 2 etc.
  8. I'm pretty sure there is a work around for this. I added a bunch of dmx channels at the beginning of the year. I'll have to find my notes and give it a try again. I'll let ya know what I find out.
  9. Try here. http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=240
  10. Yeah use the show editor, it has several different tabs to choose from. I'm not sure if it will let you choose an .las file under the musical tab where the .lms files are located. I think there is an animation tab but I have never used it. I have my tune to sign running a .las file and selected under the background tab which is like I said, on the entire show. I'm sure we can figure it out.
  11. You can create an animation sequence that doesn't require an mp3. Just set the time you want it to run and import your channel config. I'm not sure how to set it in the show editor though. I have my tune to sign set as an animation sequence but it stays on during the entire show. I'm sur someone who knows will chime in.
  12. I've heard of people storing their files on Dropbox and have their show computer actually load the files from Dropbox and not their pc. If this is the case you could work own your sequence from anywhere, upload it to Dropbox and the next time you run it your changes would take effect.
  13. You wanting 50 and 60 a piece or 50 and 60 for all?
  14. Shoot, the boys at Duck Dynasty are coming out with a Christmas album called "Duck The Halls" should be lots of good choices there. Lol
  15. Yes, I selected paste by time and it worked. All is good now. Thanks for the reply!
  16. Bob when I try to paste from the clipboard i'm getting "Invalid Start Centisecond (-825)" any idea what i'm doing wrong?
  17. See if you can figure out there credit card numbers too. LOL just kidding.
  18. SWood


    Shoot I'm old school. I got 10 assembled ctb16pc cards. Lol
  19. SWood


    They did for me last year.
  20. SWood


    I was starting to wonder myself. Usually by now that question has been asked about a hundred times. It's been real quite this year.
  21. Try clicking paste from fore ground in the bottom left of the tool bar.
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