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  1. I've bought LOR Products for 4 years now and have gotten everything I have wanted to order during every mad grab sale. Read the rules carefully and there shouldn't be a problem. This sale was the easiest by far than the past few years. Items were still available the last time I checked at 9:30 last night. 

  2. It has happened.  I will kill all your senses of reality, you will be my hypnotized slave if you listen to this! 


    I bring you a Mash UP! 


    First grab a pack of Bacon, and a few Cold beers, you'll need it after this one... 


    What does the Gangnam say?!??!??!?!?





    And now you've exposed it on LOR. Great!

  3. Make sure you don't have anything in the macro section. (Unless of course you are using macros). I had the same problem where i had accidentally copied a low intensity part of sequence into the macro channels. It was say 10% or so and you couldn't see it. I went in and selected all the macro channels and hit delete. Problem solved for me.

  4. look like i got it, with the huge help from ron boyd! the man, but now no blinky blinky, looks like my channels are correct and it playes on the viz, any thoughts on what can check, pix work in test mode for the ip address, i have the listener up and no problems there matching port in listener to sands device so what more do i have to look for.

    You running unicast or multicast?

  5. No, it's not exactly what you are wanting, but it's something to consider.


    Draw out your icicle lights on your house/display, then define them as strobes. Yeah, I know, they aren't strobes but you'd at least have some movement there where you had none before.

    Yeah I had thought about doing it that way just haven't tried it yet. Thanks

  6. I had a similar issue but completely different problem. Let me share my woes.  I have a computer which I run my shows off of and its connected to the internet.  The E1.31 also is viewed as a network connection on the computer so while I can access the E682 device from the website when LOR controls it its sending multicast.  How is your computer suppose to know which way to send that multicast traffic?  Easy solution remove the network connection to the internet and test again.  If that fixes it you need to add a route for the E1.31 interface.  


    There's an old thread here http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/21604-im-having-some-e131-issues-anyone-want-to-help/ that talks about routing. It starts around post #30. I did what klb suggested and it fixed my problem. I have 2 network cards, one for Internet and one for e1.31.

  7. Arghhh!!!  Ok...let the comments fly...George?  LOL


    Somehow there was a "Fixture" with no name...just a blank space at the top of the Fixture List, and it was indeed a CCR Device...


    Once deleted,  I was able to "Simulate"..


    Okay...you are free to go back to ignoring me and my posts...

    Your post was edited at 2:41am. Looks like you need to go to bed! Lol

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