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  1. Mine is http://www.facebook.com/thesoundoflights
  2. How do you get the sound on the video feed?
  3. jimswinder wrote: Stop reading!!!!' Those "for hours" could have been used sequencing!!! welcome to the insanity... I agree! Get your layout figured out and download some sequences. They won't match your layout but there is a thing that works wonders called copy and paste, you can copy selected channels in to your layout and should be able to come up with a good show in plenty of time.
  4. That's Awesome! I might have to stop by Garden Ridge tomorrow! LOL
  5. Wow Thanks! Just told someone last night that I needed to buy one of these. Got one on the way.
  6. I've gotten rid of 21 in the past 4 weeks. I wasn't gonna bother them until I noticed my hose pipe in the yard had all kinda squirrel bites. I immediately thought of drop cords and light strings! I couldn't take a chance on getting them chewed up so I had to take action.
  7. when I went to Vegas and had brain overload.
  8. That's basically what i'm going to use, except my enclosure is an old telephone enclosure. I know mine is water tight but not sure about the heat buildup. Attached files
  9. Congrats winner who's only ever made two post!!!! LOL That was cool!
  10. Deck wrote: No problem hope it works out for ya. Just make sure you position the ribbons on the arches as you have them drawn on the visualizer or they will be going backwards LoL.
  11. I bought two in jan. and they did the same exact thing. The reset button is your friend. I've never had a problem since.
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