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  1. Tried these in your display? https://dernon.com/products/garden-lights
  2. Wow, that iDMX1000 is $250. I'm not sure what I was looking for on the J1sysy site. The DMX KiNG is another dongle, correct? So I would use both my LOR dongle and the DMX King at the same time? If so, that would mean another cable run up to my control room upstairs (PC location). I guess I was hoping for something easier and cheaper. I bought 4 of these DMX lights (110v) and was thinking that they would just wire into my LOR cat5 somewhere. I'm guessing the 4 DMX devices would be daisy chained with XLR cables, then attached to some kind of bridge device that is hooked into my LOR ca
  3. Can't remember where I bought something. They are branded "At Home". I'm in SC. Ring a bell?
  4. Having a LOR Christmas display in a small town has the side effect of making everyone in town think you are some kind of decorating genius (or wacko). The nearby bed and breakfast has asked my help in stringing up some clear C7/C9s for an upcoming wedding (Italian style). Their property has some really nice live oaks that would serve well for this purpose. I was hoping to be able to do most of the work with a pole and ladder (instead of getting a lift) - which brings me to the question. What is the best was to fashion a hook that can be attached with a pole to a tree branch 10-20 feet o
  5. Ok, what are these and where do I send my money?
  6. I want to know if I can control this "disco" light with my LOR setup (v3 + 240ch)? The light has XLR jacks (DMX IN, DMX OUT) and literature says DMX512 controllable. What would be involved hardware-wise? Also, how would this light "look" in the sequence editor? http://www.ebay.com/itm/20W-DMX512-Magic-Ball-DJ-Disco-Light-Lamp-RGB-VOX-PARTY-KTV-LED-Stage-Lighting-/400761484459
  7. Completely old school.. 4th year with 80,000+ icans, no LEDs, 240 LOR channels.
  8. we need an interactive map that LORers can mark their locations
  9. A lot of folks on here (including myself) use bulk lamp cord (SPT-1 or SPT-2) for making custom extension cords. The ends (male/female) slide on easily without tools and are referred to as "vampire" plugs. You can find them at one of many Christmas supply stores. Expect to pay around $0.40 each. Msg me and I'll tell you where I buy from.
  10. KMart had all lights and outdoor lighted sculptures 40% off yesterday.
  11. @max - The Federal panel is the main panel in my home - nothing I can do about that The sub panel is a Siemens. SC is a right to work state, btw. But both are state licensed. My power bill was $50 lower last year than the year before when I didn't have a display. (2012 is my second year). Down south, we use heat pumps, so climate has a far bigger impact on the electricity bill than Christmas lights.
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