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  1. Yea, I need something that speaks LOR. I can run them manually well enough. I'll just be using them to wash the wall behind the DJ booth.
  2. I'm doing a last minute lighting setup for a dance this weekend and I'm looking for an app that will listen to the room through the PC microphone and operate my RGB floodlights through the color and strobe functions. I haven't done anything LOR in over a year so I'm out of touch with what's going on. Does this app exist?
  3. Mne is inside the house and shines down and out one of my windows. There is no way in the world the one I have could get up to a plane. There is just zero way that could happen.
  4. I couldn't tell you how many likes my videos have.
  5. Ok. I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled. It installed successfully this time. Everything works normally while bringing up any part of LOR. HOWEVER, I bring up the sequence I want to work on, bring up the visualizer, click on the play arrow to play the sequence and it starts back into the direct X loop again. I click yes, get the same error from above and the sequence plays. what in the world...
  6. I'm still having issues. I left my computer alone because I didn't need LOR. Well I got the bug to sequence some and it seems my computer is now stuck in some kind of install loop. I keep getting the "please wait while Windows Configures Light O Rama" and the same above error. Sometimes the window will close and open multiple times and eventually the sequence editor will come up and work normally. But if I close it and try to open again I get the same situation. The LOR tray isn't running either. I have gone through all of the above steps. It seems like LOR doesn't recognize that it's
  7. It might take a while for them to respond, but you should submit a support ticket. http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/
  8. Personal computer fixed. Onto the show computer. I'm sweating like that guy from "Airplane" Both up and running. My computer was fixed by step 3, the show computer just needed a restart. Hopefully my background sequence will run smoothly tonight.
  9. Ok. I'll give that a shot and see what comes out of it. Thanks!
  10. I get the same error on both computers My show computer is a windows XP laptop My personal computer is a windows 7 laptop Untitled by Ross, on Flickr If I search for the .msi file, the computer can't find it. I'm trying install the bug fix. Any idea what's going on? EDIT: after reading other posts, my antivirus software isn't flagging anything with LOR.
  11. I have a LED tv and I recently rearranged. My wireless router ended up behind the TV. My wife complained about crappy speed. So having read the above article I turned the TV off. Speed went up about 80% right away. Strange!
  12. I do have lasers but they're facing down! I don't want to deal with that
  13. That sucks. I have a weak station that comes in when the wind blows in right, but nothing like that!
  14. The show is fun to watch. I just know I would never want to be on it.
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