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  1. I'm in the same boat Jim, gotta figure which classes to go to. I know I'm doing the RGB workshop with Drew on Monday. Went to his in 2018, but haven't ventured into it yet plus it sounds like he has some new material with all the new updates/upgrades since then. Daryl In Hot as Hell Las Vegas, NV
  2. Well let's see.... I live in Las Vegas and I have already paid for it. Guess I better stay healthy and go. Daryl
  3. I have used the EDM (without RDS) transmitter for 7 seasons. Works very well although one year I had a lot of interference and had to find a different frequency to use. Only problem I have had is I cracked the power supply case near one of the prongs that go into the outlet and had to epoxy it back together. Daryl
  4. Would velcro work? The kind the has the hook on one side and the loop on the other, can't think what it called now. I have use it to hold lights on window frames and lights in a tree. I love it because its adjustable, flexible, reusable and I cut it to the length I need. I have been using the same velcro strips to hold bundles of lights together and to objects for 8 years now. Some of them are getting brittle from the dry heat here in the desert, but at least its easy to replace. Just my two cents
  5. USB "key" also known as a dongle. As TheDucks said, some business (usually small business) software allows the software to be installed on multiple computers but must have the dongle plugged in on the computer in order to open the software on that computer. Supposedly helps prevent license piracy. I have some embroidery software that uses it. Having an internal USB on my computer would free up an external USB port.
  6. Don't confuse yourself....pixels and RGB's refer to the same thing. I think you meant to say RGB pixels for chasing effects and LED's with a residential AC controller to perform basic on/off and fade effects. But yes, a blended setup is absolutely possible. I believe that is how most are gradually converted to RGB's. You just need to make sure your configurations are correct.
  7. The residential controller you are referring to is for LED/incandescent lights only. RGB lights, aka CCR's and bullet/bulb pixels, do require in entirely different controller and are not interchangeable. Software will be necessary for programming and editing. Strongly suggest upgrading to the PRO version with either of the S4 or S5 LOR software. If you want to use speakers, that's OK, outdoor speakers are best for the weather that you live in. Consider getting FM transmitter to broadcast to car radios. Helps keep neighbors happy if you are playing music outside too loud. Cabling, includes lots of extension cords in addition to CAT5 cables. Extension cords to power controllers and extension cords from controller to actual light strings is needed if more than a couple of feet from the controller which is almost always the case. Suggest SPT wire (zip cord) and vampire plugs for extension cords between controller and light strings. Lights... many use big box store lights just avoid Martha Stewart brand lights. They're not rated as dimmable and have been reported to catch fire if they are dimmed. LED's are better than incans. There are numerous vendors that sell reputable LED's. Bulbs versus bullet style lights is all personal preference. Although maybe a bit more expensive, I got all of mine from Creative Displays. Best time to buy from them is after the holidays during their big sale. If you go RGB lights and controllers, there are several vendors selling them too, LOR is one of them with excellent customer service and quality products. Avoid mixing where you get RGB lights from as not all manufactures wire the light strings the same and can cause issues.. Arches and light chasing IS possible with regular AC controllers and lights. You just break up the arches into sections (channels) to create the chase when sequencing. You can even do chases on roof lines and other such areas if you them break up into multiple sections. The more sections you have the smoother the chase looks but I have done some using just three sections. I was going to attach a video but its too large for uploading. I can refer you to my youtube channel if you wish, I just haven't been to it in awhile so I dont know if it's still there
  8. I have 13 AC controllers running all LED lights and I use two 20amp GFI circuits which I know is more than needed but I wanted to make sure I had room to grow in the future.
  9. Info on the Christmas Expo is at ChristmasExpo.com If you're asking if I'm the Daryl that owns Christmaslightshow.com....no that's not me. I think they're out of Tennessee. I'm just another crazy one that got bit by the computerized light show bug and tries to find enough time/money to make it happen each year.
  10. I'm not in AZ but just up the highway in Vegas. There are a few of us here. It won't help you this year but the Christmas Expo will be in Vegas next July. If you haven't been to one, I think you could benefit to go if you can.
  11. How tall are your trees? I'm thinking of using RGB netting to wrap around my one tree and use Velcro or zip ties to hold it in place. Once the pixels are pushed into the netting, its just a matter of wrapping around the trees and plugging them in. May have to use more than one section of netting depending on the height your of trees. Daryl
  12. Did they take out the "Play Range" under the Play tab in the S5 sequencer editor? I'm still using S4, and I use the play range of "Visible Screen" a lot
  13. I'm not using RGB's at the moment so I can't be for certain, but I heard there is a way to lower the brightness of the lights in the sequence editor without affecting the actual RGB color. I'm sure someone else with knowledge can advise better.
  14. Getting in here late, but what kind of controllers are you using, pixel or AC controllers? If using AC controller to control incan or LED light strings, get a pair of Easy Linker wireless modules. Put in inside the house connected to your LOR 485 converter and hook the other to a controller on outside of house and done, no wires running through the wall or window. Also protects computer from lightning and power surges since no physical connection. If you are running lots of pixels and RGB's, this likely won't work but or bandwidth limitations. Daryl
  15. I get my SPT plugs from Creative Displays during their pre order sale at the beginning of the year. I see ChristmasLightShow.com has the female inline SPT-1 plugs for $6.00 pkg/10. I prefer the ones from Creative Displays but they are more expensive. Daryl
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