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  1. My wife's card was hacked last year about this time. I haven't reported it yet because the crook is spending less that she ever did!
  2. Roll them up like a ball of Yarn and place them in a tree somewhere. They take half the amps and now provide a lit up ball of lights. From the street, no one knows it's only half lit up. Throw them away at the end of the year. Just a thought.
  3. You can't start and stop a program at the same time. You need to start the next show at 10:01. That's why you're getting a conflict message.
  4. Hey Pook, only one question. Why?
  5. yes I have the same problem. Bob Who?
  6. How bout this idea? How hard would it be to hook up a Web cam in some or all of those training rooms? We couldn't aske questions,but We could watch and maybe learn something. You know, like a webinar. What do you think?
  7. As soon as I think I know what I'm going to do, I get just a little confused. So do all the strings of lights "twist" the same way? Someone mentioned the inside twist and the outside twist. Do you actually have opposite twists? Thanks, Kel
  8. You could also set a Boom box on the front porch, tuned to your transmitter station.
  9. I can make sequences and save them to the show editor, however when I try to schedule the show, nothing happens. Can you help? I am using version 2.6.0. I put this computer away after last Christmas and just took it out this week. What's wrong?
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