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  1. thank you very much.. and very well sequenced.. im going to start working on this one now for next years show..
  2. hey Grinch, i hate to jump on the band wagon, but i would love to take a look at it.. i just placed my order today for the lights for my pixel tree.. I can't wait to start messing with it.. thanks for your generosity. jason coralfishg@yahoo.com
  3. this is the one song that i was hopeing to get to before the show started but i ran out of time.. i whould love to take a look at it, maybe i can use it for next years show. coralfishg@yahoo.com
  4. Lol I have no clue how you have all these songs James.. Lol. I have never heard this song and I love it!! I don't see any way that I can get it done for this year but I would love to take a look at it for my playlist for next year.. Coralfishg@yahoo.com
  5. I'm big into marine life, I have a 700gal reef tank, and I'm a advanced certified with nitrox scuba diver.. The g stands for goat. My nick name is twiggie the goat because I'm skinnie and I have always had go tee
  6. silento's whip, ney ney song mixed with hit the quan by far has been the biggest hit for me this year.. Yesterday i had atleast 20 kids in front of the house doing the ney ney dance..
  7. I had someone park literally right in the middle of the road last night, and then got frustrated when another car came and I asked them if the could pull to the side of the road.. I just stood there shaking my head.. I would love to get a copy from you if your still sharing.. Thanks in advance.. Coralfishg@yahoo.com
  8. hi everyone.. I was wandering if anyone had the faces sequenced for train's shake up christmas that they whould be willing to share. thanks to anyone that's willing.. jason - coralfishg@yahoo.com
  9. With 2 weeks left I have decided to change things up... Lol. So I'm looking for anyone that has a controller that's for sale.. Let me know..
  10. Hey guys, I know this song was talked about before, but I don't know if anyone actually said that they completed it.. So has anyone completed and would be willing to share.. I tried o do it on my own but I was having a tough time with the timing of it.. Thanks for any help.. Coralfishg@yahoo.com
  11. If you don't mind sending it my way, I would like to take a look at it.. Thanks James I appreciate it allot. Coralfishg@yahoo.com
  12. I wouldn't mind checking it out James.. Coralfishg@yahoo.com Thanks in advance
  13. Hey James, would you mind sending me the little drummer boy, I have been working on it for a few days, and would like to look at some more ideas for it.. Thanks in advance.. Coralfishg@yahoo.com
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