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  1. The Hor matrix is 16 ribbons. The two mirrored semi-flat trees are 16x100 square pixels (2" spacing). The three 360deg mini-trees were my first led trees in 2012. The outside two are RGB bulbs ziptied facing up, while the center one is the same but with pixels. 24x50 each. I definately believe pixels on 360deg trees is mostly a waste, except for vertical effects. I tried some on the front half only, but it's so sparse and dim compared to bulbs/ribbons pointed directly at you. Next years return of our 80' tree will be pixels inside white wire-loom like our 2014 RGB tree. After Sabrina was
  2. This years display is smaller because we're in the process of moving to a much, much larger public area following the onslaught of traffic last year. Hopefully, by this time next year it will be finished! Including our 80' tree, refitted with 12,800 pixels and elevated with a walkway inside it! Until then, S4 continues to work flawlessly this year with 19k channels. Here is a video of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns. https://youtu.be/Z0NbkBhvatA Randall
  3. I didn't switch to PE this year, as the 19k channels are running great this year under LOR. However, I'm adding 12,800 pixels next year, so I'm trying to start testing with PE. I've tested with a copy of my LMS file (where I've copied and pasted from exported SS LMS files), and migrated the multiple Superstar props into PE, and then removed data from SE file. Seems to work and play fine. Would there be a performance gain in having exported the SS props as intensity data, i.e. multiple intensity files? Obviously a bit more of a pain with a remote show computer that files have to be remote
  4. Dave- My thoughts and prayers will include you and your family.
  5. Okay. You have my attention! I was way more excited after watching this. Wish I'd been in Austin to see this live. (only 6 hrs away.. dangit). Would have been so much more memorable than watching the Oscars flop on TV.
  6. I got this song stuck in my head listening to the radio last summer. Decided it would become the 'showdown' between Santa and Jesus.
  7. It was pretty explicit in our contracts that no-one could be paid to help. They stressed that it needed to be just family, and maybe some close friends or neighbors, but they would need to go through the FBI background checks, credit reports, social media memberships, every relationship since age 18, and every residence since age 18. Didn't really want to subject anyone to that! Of course, most of our friends scatter when October rolls around anyway!
  8. The ones we used were these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/190816064640 More expensive than the ones I've seen, but didn't have much time to get them in. Ordered one, then after I found it worked okay, I ordered the second one. They use 1 OR 2 can's of starter fluid. (the can's like Pyrol brand have a smaller metal ring on the top of the can, that has to fit inside the coupler and o-ring. Some have a slightly larger ring and wont fit.) The first one only seemed to work on DMX id 1- would never respond on any other dip switch setting. However, I had a couple extra DMX controllers, so that wasn't
  9. I added two 'flame projectors' just before New Years to try out. Sequenced them into "Wizards" to test out. Was planning to make a little better video, but ice storm here pretty much ended those hopes! I've been wanting to try these for a while, and decided to pick up a couple. (against my wife's objections!)
  10. Just when I think I'm getting a little better at this, you have to go and remind me that I ####! Great work!
  11. Thanks to all of those who've served.Never expected such a overwhelming response. The text I choose to add on the pixel grid at the end of the sequence just popped into my head one night. I really want to thank all of those responsible for this- it's Dan, Brian, and all those in the LOR family that made this possible. I could not have done it without LOR, Superstar, and help from the forum over the years. I want to share a Christmas morning 'review' that was on the AndrewsChristmas page on Facebook. It took almost an hour for me to type the response. Couldn't figure out how to imbed it here,
  12. It's white 3/4" split wire-loom. Got the idea from one of Brian's videos on SuperStar Lights. Ziptie'ing each bulb (12,800 on the tree alone) was the killer. We ran a common to each end and ran 18/5 heavy sprinkler wire to the middle, and liquid taped + heat shrinked those connections. Since we have always connected lights at the top, we decided to come out of the wireloom 8' from the top and come over to connect to the wiring harnesses there. I wasn't really thinking about the 32 350w power supplies, that needed to be just a few feet away to keep the amps down. I think the 4 enclosures weighe
  13. We probably bit off more than we could chew this year! Deciding to replace ~187k minis that comprised our yard grid and 70' mega-tree. We were far from done when it was time for the big 'reveal' for our judging on "The Great Christmas Light Fight". As that day approached we had to keep making decisions on what to cut and what to focus on trying to finish. In the end, I'm proud the wear my new shirt that my wife made for us that says "If you can't see it from space, it ain't worth doing." I just wanted yall to know that I'm not really a redneck, I just play one on TV. LOL Here's the first vid
  14. Last year, I used a Canon T4i and found it's ability to lock the exposure during a bright test sequence as well as manual focus helped a bunch. This year I added a Panasonic HC-x920 camcorder with excellent low-light ability. However, I haven't found a way to lock expsoure, and still resorted to the Canon T4i for closeups of super bright text on our Horizontal pixel grid. I also added a Phantom Vision+ drone for aerial angle. Here's our first video I've finished, and has all three. The Canon is the last shot of the grid..
  15. My first night out of town and the show had the dmx listener crash during every song startup, all night! I tried everything I knew through remote desktop. Turns out that when I was enabling schedule (with my phone) I must have 'unchecked' use compressed sequences. The big files were causing it. My fat fingers again! FYI- A plumber once gave me the best advice I've ever had.... "The more complicated you make the plumbing, the easier it will stop up."
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