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  1. You guys have a whole secret society elsewhere?
  2. Doesn't seem like we have much interest in the after season meet up. Should we scrap this one?
  3. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this time! When I showed up at 6pm most people had pizza and were kicking back having a good time. Wait...maybe Ken showed up early so he could eat his pizza before someone else did Maybe you should stick to 6pm.
  4. Since we have a bunch of follower on this one. Next meeting has been scheduled. See below I know a bunch of people took pictures of last night. We had a great turn out and some pretty interesting things. So many ideas for next year.
  5. We had a great turn out last night and before the night ended we decided to put another one on the calendar. So Sat January 14th is the day. Craig promised to bring something very exciting to this next meeting so be prepared! The meeting place is in Old Town Sacramento Round Table. 127 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814 Moving the official start time up to 5pm
  6. Who organizes a meetup and doesn't post a time? That guy should be fired. 6pm. Tables are reserved for Scott if you beat me.
  7. Don't forget. The 19th is this Sat. Hope everyone can make it.
  8. Ok that is kinda awesome. Glad I asked! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Curiosity now has the best of me. What does it look like when its all done? Any pictures.
  10. Craig is afraid to post on here publicly but he is voting for the 5th. Sounds like the 19th it is. Sorry Craig you got out numbered on this one. There is a court in my neighborhood that all do an LOR display. I found one of the guys on that street on nextdoor and he is going to send it out to the rest of the people on the court so hopefully we get a bigger turn out. Some new faces! Maybe I should mention for all the new people. The meeting place is in Old Town Sacramento Round Table. 127 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814 Not sure about everyone else but coming from R
  11. Its time for a Sacramento meet up at the Round Table. I have Nov 5th and the 19th. Lets pick a day and get together. I am going to kick this thread into high gear and PM all the crazy people who showed up at the last one.
  12. HAHA!! Never thought of it that way. I do Halloween mainly and my wife said the strips don't say christmas no matter what color I make them. Maybe nodes are the answer for that. 1983ss454 (nice car btw) Did you do standard nodes with the faceted cover?
  13. Thanks everyone. This is great. I need to look into those F\J channels. are they rigid? I am leaning towards EMT but concerned that they will be much more sustainable to the weather and might rust.....does it rust? My wife would kill me if I had rust stains on the roof. Even if I paint the outside water would go down the inside. For those using nodes why nodes over strips?
  14. Halloween Sun - Thur - 6:45 - 9 Fri- Sat - 6:45 - 9:30 I think I kept the Christmas on later since its not as bright.
  15. I personally buy rolled steel square tubs and a friend of mine welds eye hooks to them and I have hooks under the eves. All the house strips go up in an hour or two. I don't do windows but I do around the garage door and for the corners I end it and put water proof connector when I put it together I plug it in. I leave enough so I can sorta overlap. I do this so it can come apart and be stored easily. I use EMT for my garage doors. PVC would work fine as well but I wanted something a little more rigid and the price wasn't much more.. They do sell 90 degree elbows for strips but I have
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