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  1. would be gret to get a update on the release date and how things are going.
  2. awsome news Dan look forward to hearing how it all goes
  3. looking forward to a update on e1.31 soon. would love to know how that is all going
  4. ben


    well gary i do have a plan for pixels i am building a 60 pixel matrix. 8 x 8 pixel candy canes and 2 x 8 channel polls. i am just not going over 1 universe this year but will be next year. so i can wait and see what happens but i like to work a year ahead.
  5. also i know Eddy and have been to his place and have seen it and he is the one that has encouraged me to make my own. he has also agreed that i should go 2801 as you get better fades.
  6. Have read that racer and i am a member of ACL. i know how to build it. im not using CCR strip but 2801 strip. i can do what i want to do in lsp but want to see if i can do it in S3. it is the programing of the matrix that is the issue.
  7. Denise great to hear. hope it all goes well for you and i. ccr are to expensive. so i will not be going that way
  8. guess everyone is stuck like i am on this so hope this changes through the year so want to do my matix
  9. ben


    well i am going to wait till Dan brings out 1.31 in S3 as he said he would so i will give him a chance. great to see options out there but i would rather just use 1 peice of software to do the job.
  10. well im going to be using 5m of 2801 pixel strip for mine i have seen Eddy do this and i love the detail it gives not worried about the 180 channels it will use as i think it is worth it
  11. awsome foogy i will have a play with it i thought you could just use superstar but was worried that you could only do it with ccr so i will have a play around with it. i have seen in the demos that you can do graphics also but not as easy as in LSP. will have to have a play and let you know how i go i have advance with 2 ccr licence
  12. Hi Guys this year i am looking to make a 180 channels digital strip matrix. 5 x 1m long. i know people have done this using CCR but has anyone done it with 2801 digital strip?? im looking to put it on my chimney and us it for my tune to sign and message board and also for some graphics if i can. would love any advice on this. as i will be using S3 and super star.
  13. ben


    i think we are all counting down the days till this happens later in the year it is a great step foward i think. So happy to be a LOR user and Member here with all the new updates coming in the software this year
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