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  1. Hey Orville! Thanks! If you remember me...Rodney D in Austin, Tx...used to get sequences from your sharing years ago...I kinda got away from Light-O-Rama and into Lasers...but...Tis The Season! Thanks for the sharing! I don't have all the tools to fully use your sequences...but hope to learn from them and grow! Thanks Again! Rodney D. aka rodman1369
  2. Please please please... rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  3. Please please me rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  4. If still available...I would too like a copy...Thanks in advance rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  5. Very Interesting... Could I have a copy as well? rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  6. Please and Thank You! rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  7. I dub want this please rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
  8. Yum! rodman1369 at Austin.rr.com
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