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  1. Thank you for all of the help. One last question: My tree is topped with this star: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/Outdoor-Christmas-Tree-3D-Star-topper.html This is screwed on top of the assembly for the crank head on top of the pole with the rope light attached to the frame with zip ties. what can I do to remove this as an avenue for a fault?
  2. Thank you for the link on the insulators. I was having no luck with my online searches but I now know exactly what you are talking about. Just curious, the steel cables currently connect to an eye-bolt attached to the stake via an S-hook. Would wrapping this eye bolt and/or S-hook in electrical tape where they touch do the same as the insulators described above? This area of my yard is sloped a bit, but I have a landscaping valve box that hides the PVC sleeve in the off season. The soil level adjacent to the sleeve is lower and allows pooling inside the valve box. I was thinking of im
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. There are no cords contacting the center pole but the light strings are supported by steel guy wires running from center pole to metal stakes. Other than hoping for less rain next season, any thoughts? I don't know enough about electricity: will concrete conduct electricity? In other words will I have the same situation if I imbed the PVC pipe/sleeve in concrete or is there some type of insulating material that would work and still provide strength? Or would that create a dangerous fixture? I could replace the metal stakes with some other type of non-conducting
  4. I have a 25 ft. mega tree that uses 7 LOR controllers split over four GFCI extension cords. http://www.lowes.com/pd_145277-33536-30438062___?productId=50394552&pl=1&Ntt=gfci Over the 8 years of running this tree, I have learned to turn female outlets down, keep externsoin cord plugs off ground etc. with good success. I was travelling this weekend and discovered that all four GFCIs accociated with the mega tree were tripped. The center pole is 1.25 water pipe that is inserted in a pvc sleeve buried 2 feet in the ground. With clay/slate soil, this area became a pool of water with the
  5. I was referring to the OP where he wanted to keep it at 16 channels with the option to have it all clear or all multi but he was going to split the colors by odd or even (if I understood correctly). I agree with you because my current mega tree is green, red and white, 48 strands per channel, 16 channels each color on the outer tree and then a smaller version of the same on the interior with 48 more channels. It makes for a very full look. Do you miss NC yet? I have driven by Wendell many times. Brian
  6. I would split where clear would be on channels 1-8 and multi on channels 9-16 (or vice versa). This is how I set up my first mega-tree years ago. I also have 8 large bushes and 8 windows across the front of my house that are split this way. It helps me keep everything organized during setup to have all the clear on one side of the controller and multi on the other side. The consistency has helped me as I have added controllers over the years. It also helps when sequencing to have everything together, of course, you can re-organize your channels.
  7. I use super-strings of R,G,W 5mm because that was the size that I had available when I first attempted a mega-tree. It seems to show up well and the yard is definitely darker now that it is down! Here is a test run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxK-3mHqtuw Brian
  8. George, "Wow" is right. Can you give an explanation/close up of the prop over the garage door. It looks like lights going down a drain.
  9. This has become a family tradition. We have had seats from the front row to the box seats we were given this year. The cool part about that was that the lasers were focused on the wall below our seats and the lower deck and the wall above us between the upper deck. We were sandwiched in lasers. We enjoyed seeing them focus on a different album/cd for the first half of the show as a change this year.
  10. Ambulance. The same guy must have come by yesterday during take down and gave four long blasts on the air horn causing my wife to come running!
  11. Update: Appears to be hardware, see help desk response: " When a channel refuses to turn off after a board reset and insists on staying turned on at about 50% it means half the triac for that channel is cooked. If the channel stays on at 100%, the entire triac is zapped. The triac is the gizmo that switches the high voltage to your lights." I have a spare channel, so I will have this corrected later on. Thank you again for everyone's help on my two problems. Brian
  12. Update, the reset did not correct the issue. Awaiting further instructions form the help desk.
  13. It is just one channel. I opened a ticket with the help desk and they suggest doing a reset of the controller. "Since it's a 1600 series Generation 1 or 2 (metal enclosure and no LED display inside), disconnect the power, set the unit ID switches to 0-0, and reapply power. The status light will blink very fast. Wait a few seconds, remove power, change the Unit ID switches back to where they were and reapply power. You've reset the board. Now, run your tests again." Got home too late to do this. I will do this Saturday and follow up with results. Thanks to everyone on their input. I h
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. How about the channel dimmly staying on even after the show is off? Is that indicative of a problem with that controller?
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