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  1. Thats to both of you by the way!!!!!!
  2. Thanks, working on it...As soon as I get something close I'll let you know...Appreciate the help as always.
  3. How do you achieve the effect of the slow movement on the pole at 18 sec in this video? http://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=20&Product=334 Is this just a fade effect?
  4. I live in Charlotte so let me know if you decide to split it up. Could use some lights if they are LED and some other stuff...Thanks
  5. So a quick question about the Virtual Santa/Scrooge from Christmaslightshow.com..If I Get that unit (projector) can I play just a regual DVD Like Charlie Brown Christmas? or am I way off base here?
  6. This is the link for Whitheart
  7. Of all the Versions I have heard I think Whithearts version is the best for sequencing. I did it last year but somehow missed the video on it or I would have posted it to see, anyway check that out and see if you agree....
  8. Oh! Can't wait for your online store to open!!!!!
  9. Back to the Subject of Kevin...Sorry to see your display shut down for now. I am sure you got as much enjoyment out of it as has everyone else. To the 5% such as Holdman and yourself to name (2) off the top of my head that brought a ton of attention to this hobby, I wish to Thank you for all the information, insight and enjoyment both of you have given to all of the rest of us in this hobby... Thanks Man
  10. AH great ....Thank you I am searching that now...
  11. I am running version 2.94 and wanted to purchase a few CCR's, will I need to upgrade to 3.0 or higher to run these or can I just purchase a sequence to run them for now? Any info will be helpful. Thanks
  12. Not an electrician and I am Budget conscious So I went 100% LED and striclty from Big Box Stores for the last 3 years. Purchased most of my lights from Walgreens and Target and they are probably Half wave.I did have an issue with Fading on certain channels if I overloaded them with to many light strings but that was easily fixed with a snubber of some knid. (Glade air freshner)I have not had to replace any sets of lights yet after 3 seasons but I expect that at some point that will change. I just can't see spending $15-$18 per set when I can but 3 sets for the same price and have plenty of spares to use as replacements. I use Red, Green and Blue and they all work the same for me.
  13. You could just build a wood frame,level it and place your mega tree on top...There are a few video's out there to follow this same idea. My yard is a bit sloped but not to the point that I had to do this. But yes, it can be done. Just search mega tree on sloped ground.You will get a few hits and some ideas. There are so many talented people out here. Not much you can't find.
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    if not sold let me know I will take them
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