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  1. Roverdish, I would love to check out your work on this. Please email to JoshuaLowe@gmail.com
  2. I'd love to take a look. joshualowe@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but the newest version of xlights is supposed to be able to import SUP files and change the layout to match what you have.
  4. Zippered Hoodie added. Only 14 hours left to order!
  5. Yes, normally I run a shirt campaign in September, but I had a lot of life stuff going on this year and lost track of time and just forgot to do it. Also, with an order of that many, even if the campaign has closed, you would be able to relaunch it with an order of 10 or more.
  6. I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing. joshualowe@gmail.com
  7. Haha! That's awesome! Also, for anyone interested, there are now kids, toddler, and baby sizes available for all those crew members!
  8. Hey everyone, Last year I launched a shirt campaign on teespring for some shirts that work great for all the helpers for our displays. I wanted to launch another campaign earlier this season, but time got away from me. I have relaunched it on teespring, so if you are interested in a shirt, check it out! There is only 7 days to buy so that everyone can get their shirts by 11/15. http://www.teespring.com/xmascrew
  9. Would love to check these out for my Halloween show this year. joshualowe@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Hey, I would love a copy. Thanks for sharing! joshualowe@gmail.com
  11. Just used this to convert a 16 CCR to a 24 pixel tree. Worked REALLY well. Had to go through and make some changes here and there, but, saved hours of work. Hope to continue to see updates on this! Very useful.
  12. That's great! Got mine in today as well.
  13. Looks great! Also, very clever way to address the different pixel groupings. Look forward to a video!
  14. Nothing wrong with going 5v or doing a mix. I have some of both in my display. Just have to make sure you don't connect 12v to 5v pixels. You shouldn't need to worry about power injection if your "arms" are relatively short and the controller is close by. But you will need to be comfortable doing some soldering for the connections on the strip.
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