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  1. I am suffering from the very slow playback file issue. I have a total of 11 sequences I use in 2 shows. I now have a playback folder with 99 files in it 13.2 gb of data. Every time a new show starts it is building a new set of files. I don't get it. Lee
  2. I am now able to see the 485 and get a com port issued. I unistalled the LOR software and driver then did reboot and reinstalled and rebooted then connected the USB cable then turned on the Listener. No errors!! Thanks for the assist. Lee
  3. Thanks guys, I will try and unload it then reload it. Lee
  4. I was just trying to install LOR on my surface pro 3 and I can't seem to get the USB 485 dongle to show as a COM port. I have loaded the driver from the LOR site. I am running windows 8.1 on my surface. Any help would be great aThanks, Lee
  5. I agree, Time consuming! But as you stated once the first 50 pixels are arranged in a somewhat straight line I just made the set a prop then used the channel wizard to complete. The from there it was copy and paste and rerun the channel wizard for each new strip. Building my mega tree took some time. I hope I don't have to move it. I haven't found a way to make 12 props into a new prop for easy moving. Thanks for the offer on the props, I have some now also. After New Years I may just build a bunch of different RGB props to create a library to share. Lee
  6. They play OK in the Sequencer with out visualizer running. Lee
  7. I am using the ECG-P12R from Joshua 1 systems. It handles 12 DMX universes for a total of 6144 channels or 2048 RGB pixels. I setup all my leads with Cat 5e wire used the orange pair for the data and clock then used the other wires for power. twisted the solid color together for the + and the white strip for the -. All my runs are 35 feet and i did not have to use any null pixels. I am only using 50 pixels on each universe right now 1/2 are 12v and 1/2 are 5v. I know when I expand next year I will have to inject power on anything past 50. No problems so far. Lee
  8. Single pixels are OK to build, But when we have to input a whole universe 170 pixels to memic our RGB strips/strings, thats when the time gets to be an issue. Even the copy paste saves a little time but you still have to go in and change the properties for the correct universe and channels. Thanks Mike for letting us know it is on the wish list. Lee
  9. I have 7 50 pixel strips / strings of RGB lights. I want to draw these in visualizer. The only way I see is to make them a CCR, but then I can't choose a DMX E1.31 network. Any help would be great. Thanks, Lee
  10. I found some info on the E1.31 here. http://forums.lightorama.com/forum95/32811.html Lee
  11. Yes, But as far as I know you still require a DMX controller to be able to define a universe. There are LED RGB IC controllers that cost about $20.00 and use 1 channel on a DMX universe then the level of that channel 0-255 tells the controller what pattern to run. I have never used this in a light show so I don't know how it reacts in that enviornment. I have 4 of these for the 6803 ic controlled pixels that I don't use.
  12. Jeff, How is that ELOR working for you? I am thinking about getting one to work with. Lee
  13. I too am looking for an update on E1.31
  14. I guess I could have added the link of the info I am referring too. ZARA radio MUST READ Tutorial http://lightoramasequences.com/content/view/59/82/ Lee
  15. I know the thread is old but it still has some useful info. However since the web site lightoramasequences.com is no longer around and the data is now at ultrashows. I was wondering if anyone knows if it was transfered over. I did some searches but found nothing. Thanks for the help. Lee
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