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  1. I am suffering from the very slow playback file issue. I have a total of 11 sequences I use in 2 shows. I now have a playback folder with 99 files in it 13.2 gb of data. Every time a new show starts it is building a new set of files. I don't get it. Lee
  2. I am now able to see the 485 and get a com port issued. I unistalled the LOR software and driver then did reboot and reinstalled and rebooted then connected the USB cable then turned on the Listener. No errors!! Thanks for the assist. Lee
  3. Thanks guys, I will try and unload it then reload it. Lee
  4. I was just trying to install LOR on my surface pro 3 and I can't seem to get the USB 485 dongle to show as a COM port. I have loaded the driver from the LOR site. I am running windows 8.1 on my surface. Any help would be great aThanks, Lee
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