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  1. jimswinder wrote: . You're just a very good straight man! hmmm...that's what my girl friends tell me too... You are cheating on me AGAIN?!????!!!:shock::shock::shock: **No, No...not AGAIN...for it to be AGAIN, I would have had to stop cheating on you...** And here I thought I was the only one that could put up with you. **I thought it was "you were the only one who could put me up"...** oh no, you two again... ugh!! gag
  2. Aaron Maue wrote: They are minis, one strand of orange, another blue.. The blue is temp. since I do not have purple on hand..
  3. At work we use plotter paper a lot, and once the paper runs out we have these cool plastic tubes.. We normally throw these away, but I knew there was potential with this. My idea is to make a fence out of these.. There will be a stake hold it up on the bottom, then on the top, put a pumpkin with a c9 bulb and do the flicker effect as well. Right now I am using Orange and Blue, but the final one will be using Orange and Purple. Along with this, I will dim the lights down a bit. What do you guys think? https://vimeo.com/39808651
  4. Year one was great for me as well. I had plenty of visitors, and tons of fun! Now on to this year.. I am not really changing a whole heck of a lot. I am adding 32 mini trees on 16 channels. The biggest change to this year is my 2 mega trees will be 16 channels each, vs the 8 channels each I had last year. I have 1 3/4 sequences done. (yeah I started all over). I haven't started props yet, waiting on lights from the sales. I have 6 "mini" trees, and I am debating replacing those with a better quality. I am also playing with Halloween this year, a lot more in-depth than last years. Arnold
  5. This is the rough idea I was thinking of.. Attached files
  6. kzaas wrote: What I would do.. is have angled steel that will match the pitch of your roof line.. THEN add straps on both sides that will sit on the roof so to speak. and you can sand bag those. When I get back to the office I will draw you up what I am thinking..
  7. Got 2 CTB16PC Kit Complete... 1 min past 9.. in and out..
  8. Got mine in as well.. seems slower this year than last... I got two DIY controllers... Gives me something to do other than sequencing.. AND nothing sold out yet..
  9. This guy is great.. I have had 2 mortgages with him.. no problems at all.. He will help if you have credit issues as well.. http://www.supremelending.rodneyanderson.com/index.php
  10. I found a few that I really liked as well. The thing I am not wanting is all the "cool" add-ons that these light systems are coming with. I mean, who would like a lightening storm in their house? The daylight feature is pretty cool. But I would be happy with just lights. After loosing thousands of dollars, and years of growth on coral, on a coral crash (to this day, we do not know what happened)I am slowly getting back into the coral side of the hobby. I guess, for the moment it maybe worth sticking with my M.H. bulbs til I feel that the tank can keep coral alive again.
  11. I know it is a little off the normal topics at hand but I am shocked at the prices that I am seeing for LED lighting for reef tanks. I am currently using 2 150 watt Metal Halide bulbs, and the time to change bulbs is due.. So I started looking around to see what my other options are regarding lighting. I want to switch to LED lights, but to get the proper lighting we are looking at $1200 for lights.. Then, I was thinking color ribbon.. but then again, I do not know really how bright these are. (the current LED bulbs advertised is 1 watt per bulb and about 55 bulbs per unit.. I need 3 units) So
  12. Thanks! Probably why I couldn't find it! Wrong name
  13. Ive seen them here, even saw how one member made them.. But I cannot find it anymore! What I'm wanting to do is do the floating ghost thing with a black light. If anyone remembers/had a video or link I would great appreciate it.. Thanks! Arnold
  14. Joe, Sorry to hear about this! I hope you get 100% soon! Maybe you should have Jim come over! He has a way to make things "fall" down, could help you with your light situation.. Get to feeling better soon! Arnold
  15. Re recorded one for better audio, got 2 others up.. Will put more up next week. Funny thing happened yesterday, as the show was going I saw flashes, I freaked out since I don't have strobes, I ran outside, seeing a family taking a family picture. I asked them if they would like all the lights on for their picture, they said that would be great. I did that and took the picture for them.. Was kinda neat!
  16. I am planning on keeping the rough display that I already have, but modifying about ever aspect of it next year. I am dedicating one controller per mega tree, adding 32 x-small mini trees ie 18" and adding more stuff to the roof.. I have learned a lot this first year. looking forward to a better bigger show next year!
  17. going to try to add more video this coming up week. Things have been so hectic!
  18. I owe everyone a big thank you! This is my first year with LOR, and I love it! I started with 32 channels, and before they even arrived I ordered another one.. By Oct, I decided to order yet another.. And now I am looking at 2 more for next years display. (I know it never ends!). There has been many times that I did not know if I am doing something right, if it looks good, or have one of those wtf moments. Without you guys helping me out, my show would not be half as good as it is now. The other day, one of my neighbors came to me and asked why I did this, that it was a waste of time and money
  19. Don't let it bug you. Kids now days expect things to be handed to them. It is very sad, we all earned what we have, they want to skip that whole earning thing and expect to have it. It drives me crazy! goal in life is to better yourself and your family, crying like a 2 year old going corporate America should pay for my college, car, house, food, toys. Oh and I want to make CEO level pay even though I dunno swat about how to do my job or what this company does. Grrrrrrrrr! I see America falling soon.. Sad. Ok rant off
  20. scubado wrote: how many do you have? you could do a matrix like Chuck did in this video: http://vimeo.com/8139652 I have about 25.. But we seem to be going though plotter paper about weekly, so it is quickly adding up. I'm a little confused, what exactly are you playing with? Is it a light inside a plastic tube?Yes. it is a 36" long by 2 1/2" dia plastic tube. then I put a RGB light in it to see what it looks like.
  21. paul sessel wrote: Paul- These RGB lights, can you control each one individually or is it like your color ribbons? Also, will it work with LOR?
  22. jimswinder wrote: how many do you have? you could do a matrix like Chuck did in this video: http://vimeo.com/8139652 I have about 25.. But we seem to be going though plotter paper about weekly, so it is quickly adding up.
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