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  1. Pictures go a long way.. I hope this helps.. Attached files
  2. Lori, Maybe a good idea to make a "floating" lower ring. This would mount to your mega tree pole. Much like a bike wheel. Set this where the ring would set level from the highest point.. And for the lower "empty" spot, put light up presents and such..
  3. First, welcome to the maddness! Second, you can use any cheapy laptop you have laing around. My "show" computer is 9 years old.. But for my sequencing, I use my pc with good quality headphones. There are a lot of us around dew area, I'm in Addison.. Would be happy to help where i can.. Arnold
  4. I get bored, yes.. The times I get bored is redoing the songs from last year. I decided this year is making my timing marks on a master sequence. So next year I can just copy and paste and do my show from there. When I do new stuff, time flies.. But either way I limit my sequencing to 1 1/2 hrs a day tops.
  5. Thanks for everyones input.. I'll put it on the to do list!
  6. Lol jim.. I was expecting some smart remark from you
  7. Ever since I was a little kid, and my dad put in the Battle of Britain movie.. I fell in love with this song. Question is is it really appropriate for Christmas? What do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM4EcmtB-oc&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL5390D62426DD5741
  8. I plan on wrapping them pretty tightly, will not know til' I get the garland.. The trees themselves stay back from the street about 15' or so.. If I can see the corners too easily, I will add a string on each corner, to help break up the sharp corners.. I will not know til' I get the garland and take a look at them..
  9. Denise, Would me more than happy to. When I get home I will send both the sequence and the music file. (keep in mind, it was my first year with LOR, my sequencing has gotten a lot better since!) When you get a chance, PM me your email address.
  10. Not worried too much about the pvc as I plan on wrapping the tree with garland to hide everything.. cool link, may use it for another project.
  11. I did "ding dong marrily on high" last year http://vimeo.com/28041101
  12. Aaron, there are 400 of each red blue clear. Each on its on channel per tree. So 18 channels and 7200 lights for all 6 trees. next year I will add green. Arnold
  13. Last year, I had 6 mini trees I got from a local store around here. They worked great, minus the wind blowing them over issue, until it was time for tear down. When I started taking these outdoor trees apart, I found out that they got well rusted together, making some of them very difficult to deal with. With many thoughts and my expansion of this years display, Ive decided to do the PVC tree route. Now, I do plan on putting garland around all these trees, and hiding controllers in them. They are 5' tall, 30" wide at the base, using 1/2" pvc (except for the prototype). I will start hunting th
  14. Happy birthday lori! Lots of cool potentials with those! What did Jim get ya? If its anything for the roof I would skip that! seriously tho happy birthday!
  15. Arnoldc


    David Rise wrote: Budget limit???? What's that?? Well, I didn't actually have one. But I do remember a few posts from folks that didn't purchase enough lights for what they planned.....LOLI have learned buy 50% more lights then you THINK you need.. I wish I bought more during the sales.. But Im sol on some new ideas I came up with.. So, always next year!
  16. Phil- Where did you get those pumpkins?! I am looking for 4 of them.. Looks great! Would be cool to get those amitronic spiders, that go up and down and attach them to your big spider web!
  17. Thanks everyone! I decided for now to keep it at is, and move on to the next one. I always tweak things as needed before the first official show starts.
  18. I figured as much there, buddy... I am having a hard time getting into the sequencing mood lately.. Part of the reason why that song took so long.. And since I have redone my whole display from last year.. I have to redo every song.. So far 2 down... at least 8 more to go..
  19. Tom- Send them to me... I will test it all out for you and give you the results! seriously though, I hope you get better soon!
  20. Aaron Maue wrote: Aaron, those are my bushes.. I use them as my chasers.. There are 10 channels and a little over 3000 lights on that.. Of you look at my last years videos you can see what it really looks like
  21. jimswinder wrote: I threw it out many times already..... What I wanna know is what did you "edit"? Lol
  22. This song kinda beat me up a bit.. Took a little over 2 months to do.. What do you guys think? http://vimeo.com/40192227
  23. I agree.. I was thinking adding another color and see what it'll look like. Thanks for you guys input!
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