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  1. I agree 1111111100000000% with tj.. the ht is a pos. Spend the extra $$ you wont be sorry. I have a ht and couldn't get outside with it.. looking the best was to get rid of my waste of $100. Sigh
  2. Is it only one channel that is doing this? Maybe as a test, move that string of lights to another channel, copy and paste your sequence to that channel (do a test sequence) and see. If it is the channel, you may have a Triac going..
  3. Girl friend or the remote????? Sorry, girlfriend it is!
  4. The whole gfci thing was the 2nd reason I made these pvc trees. Last year, the 6 trees that these are replacing kept on tripping the gfci. It took awhile to find the main issue, but when the wind blew and knocked over the trees I had to refind the issue and fix it. Now, I am using tomato cages as well. But going to try to wrap it with a plastic mat so to speak. These guys have a lot of good advise. I absorbed as much as I could last year, and learned a few myself. Thank you all!
  5. Lol we drank! The first day in Galway we went to Aaron islands, then a few pubs. Walked the city a bit. Then the 2nd day we went south to all the typical tourist spots.. we also visited a park.. 7 lakes? Something like that, beautiful area. Wish we spent more time there.
  6. I took a tour back in 08'. Started in Dublin, went to Galway, Killarney, Cork, ect. Was there for a week.. Best week of my life!
  7. Lol with my luck this year, I may need that!
  8. Dgrant, typically garden ridge lights are very $$$$.. but they have great props and such. Ill go this weekend and give you an idea.. spomalley, ill trade you in a heart beat! Love ireland. Plan on going back next year!
  9. I think it is time for me to pay a visit to both of the stores! I need a few items! Time to stock up
  10. Alright, does this look like a good deal? http://1000bulbs.com/product/59445/BRS-1425000.html?utm_source=SmartFeedPronto&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_term=BRS1425000&utm_content=ClearanceClearanceChristmasGreenery&utm_campaign=SmartFeedPronto&thissku=BRS777dash7771425000&site=www.pronto.com
  11. A couple weeks ago, right before the LOR forums change, I got a PM from someone telling me where I can buy garland in bulk at a pretty decent price.. Well, all my pms are MIA , so if he/she can re-send me that info, that would be great! Looks like by going by Dk's numbers Ill need about 250' per tree x6!!
  12. DK, where did you get your garland? It looks like at my tree height, Ill need 200' per tree x 6 trees..
  13. Not bad 2 1/2 trees for 50' of garland. So I'm guessing 1 tree of mine for 50' of garland.. I was budgeting 100' per tree.. ill start picking up stuff this weekend!
  14. Looks like garland is at Hobby lobby now! So within a couple days Ill head over there and start collecting.
  15. Jim- There are a lot of us around that area.. Depending what part of Lewisville, I am about 15 miles south of you, and there are 3 GREAT displays within a 5 mile radius of me! Oh, and welcome to the heat! LOL
  16. I plan on getting back to this project in the coming weeks. I'm having a hard time finding garland, so after the 4th I'll start looking again. I agree hitting them with a shot of black. I figure I can do that at the same day I start adding garland.
  17. james campbell wrote: OOH. Will that make the other guys jealous????? nope..more like "relieved"!! Ouch! I guess the honeymoon is over! and all over 30 bucks jeez:cool: no no no you are all wrong.. You see you forgot the biggest one, TAXES.... So out of that $30, government gets $26.. room is still 25, then bell boy, well he gets that $2, but since you employed him, you got to pay all the taxes needed for that.. SO you're in the hole! You're surprised it was only $30? Heck I'm surprised it was that high! My luck it would of been $.01, and a lollipop!
  18. GoofyGuy wrote: No doubt it will be gross.... :cool: ROFLMAO! Dont mind as long as I can pick who plays me in the movie. Im thinking Jim Carey or The RockMovie??!! How about books on tape! That way you can speed them up like the chipmunks!
  19. Hopefully, mine will soon follow.. Since I have a smaller order, mine maybe down the list a little!
  20. jimswinder wrote: yeah...does the wife know you are taking pictures of her butt and posting them on the internet for all the world to see??? :shock: not that I am complaining.... You wait til lori sees that post of yours!
  21. scubado wrote: Again, where is that like button!
  22. So far I have gotten: 3 1/2 songs sequenced 6 mini trees built (still need garland material, that is next months job) 2 more controllers built came up with a plan for my soon to be arriving pixels Need to do: finish mini trees get xs mini trees (16 of them) revamp wreath sequence.. sequence... sequence..
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