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  1. But that explains why we do not have our stuff yet!!! the Winder curse!
  2. Yea.. I'm starting to prep for plan b on my props. If I don't have my stuff by oct I will have to put that plan into action. Pixels next year, that's all I gotta say...
  3. Well, here it is.. last few days of Augest... I have completed all my planned sequencing for this years display. I am now adding more music due to the fact that my long awaited lights are still MIA.. So, most prop building is still on hold. During the next few weekends, I will wrap my PVC mini trees with garland, and take off the lights from my old mini trees and put it on these. Past that I can't do too much til the lights arrive. I also have my 3d stars I need to make.. I have a few ideas how I want to do this.. I guess Ill focus on that the next few weekends. Only thing I haven't quite figu
  4. Wait! Costco has captain Morgan? ????????? Well I just need to make a special visit
  5. Lmao yeah! The other day when russ was doing his flash back about Mandy.. I was laughing so hard I fell off the treadmill..
  6. I think they find stuff that people do.. I listen to that ahow every day.. trying to make it to the white trash party.. good group of guys..
  7. Yea yea sureeeeeee blame the sushi!
  8. Me thinks someone listens to Russ Martin!
  9. Tim- I'm still waiting on my whole order. Just green and red m5s on green wire....
  10. Tj.. one idea.. go to your local rc hobby shop. They have a paint that matches some of the monocoat (covering you put on a plane) this stuff is designed to go on platics and such. It is a little expensive, but seems to work well. When I get home ill see if I have some left. If I do ill do a test for you. Arnold
  11. Dave- Best to email him. I had a custom set that he made for me at no additional cost.
  12. Only damagr here was from cat clawing my leg when the crack of thunder hit about 1 amish
  13. And we are infested with the buggers! Spraying tonight, air spray Friday, depending on weather..
  14. Tj, Are you looking to sequence the eyes? Or can you live with a pre-programed (one you create)? I may have a cheap solution for your eyes..
  15. Jim, Hope you have safe trip! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
  16. FM transmitter quit working: got a spare, a pos but that is why it is a backup! Controller(s) fried: Got one spare, and got a few close by friends that have LOR if needed.. Power Supply died: Got a spare Pixel Bridge burned out: as jeff said, wont happen, got the good kind DMX adapter quit: see above LOR adapter quit: have spares Show PC crashed: got 2 spare laptops laying around. Lost all sequence files: BAD DAY if I loose 4 computers in one day! in that case they win! Director Card hosed: NA Fuses continue blowing: problem solve, have spares IF all this happens in one day, I can say Ill just
  17. Tom- LOL nope, for once I can say I had no part in that.. When I saw it last year, I was amazed that anyone would do anything like that.. It was a mixture of Budweiser and bud-light cans.. with c9 white bulbs, it actually looked pretty darn cool.. I guess I need to drink more beer!
  18. Tom- Last year I saw a beer christmas tree, had a few light, but thousands of empty beer cans. If I remember I'll take a pic of it this year for ya.
  19. Tom- Nope, was talking about the FCG... Looks great!
  20. Tom- Did you buy those or make them?? I kinda gave up on that item this year.. I quickly fell behind, as we all do.. And something had to give...
  21. As Auguest quickly approaches.. I was wondering where everyone is at in terms of their display(s). So far I have completed 5 songs, 2 more waiting for me to convert to DMX, one more being ajusted to my "normal" display (very long story how I am doing the sequencing this year). I plan for 12 songs.. And quickly falling behind. I also need to finish my med mini trees (paint, wrap with garland, oh and purchase garland) waiting on lights for my small mini trees need to order some spt wire, with plugs need to make 3d stars waterproof container for E681.. Find a way to hold up some of my pixels at r
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