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  1. MikeH wrote: Ummmm....Sept 2011 hasn't come around yet. Are you showing us the future?? Or are you back from the future?? Did you bring back a sports almanac? I'd like to make a few bets please....lol. MikeH And I need all the lotto numbers.. Thanks!
  2. This is me, Ireland 08' Attached files
  3. I started helping decorate when I was a little kid ("helped" aka caused more problems than I helped) putting lights on the tree. When I was 6 I hung one strand of lights at the front door. Then slowly progressed from there. I stopped back in 2006, due to my dad dying, and lost all my Christmas spirit (we both loved putting stuff up!) and I went 3 years without putting up anything. I finally started back up in 2009, just a static display, 2010 I got a Mr. Christmas, and within 10 mins of the "show" running I was bored and semi disappointed, I wanted to be able to do more, add more, pick my own
  4. Glad that Jeff got it figure out! very cool! Gotta find a way ti incorporate that somewhere in my display!
  5. Arnoldc

    4G phones

    Don Gillespie wrote: That is a very pretty place! If you have time, travel to the highlands, it is great out there! Maybe pay a visit to Loch ness! And of course, you will have to walk the royal mile at least 6 or 7 times.. Around 12ish on Saturdays the Bagpipe march happens (cant remember the real name). That is a sight to see!
  6. Arnoldc

    4G phones

    Been to Scotland, VERY beautiful country! I have AT&T, with a Blackberry, and had no issues minus the huge phone bill when I got back. And all at&t's stuff is 3g at the moment. BTW where abouts in Scotland are you staying?
  7. If I am understanding that you want a longer fade out, grab your Fade down tool, and drag it from each section as far as you want the fad to accrue. Attached is an extreme example of fading.. Attached files
  8. Arnoldc


    Lol I thought I had it bad! I plan on a 15-20 min show for being my first year. Dunno how that will work out. I got 1 song done ( amazing grace) and about 2/3 the way done with my second (wizards of winter). I have my 3rd and 4th one picked out, just having a hard time picking out more past that! Lol too much to choose from. Plus do I dare do any Halloween stuff?! Last year I only had 2 people come to the house! Think I'll focus on christmas.
  9. Arnoldc


    Feel better now that i know I'm not the one!
  10. Arnoldc


    I find myself every day sequencing at home, then again at work during breaks and lunch. When I am not sequencing, I am listening to the music I am sequencing, coming up with more ideas. Co workers and friends think I am nuts (I don't think they are wrong on that one). I hope this isn't a sign of the time to come!
  11. realized that the file wasn't opening up correctly. Attached is the full version! Good news, I started sequencing! Attached files XMAS LIGHTS-Model.pdf
  12. After buying a starter set up with 32 channels, and no kore than 2 days later I order another controller, I'm doing my best to keep away from the sale! Next year for sure I plan on doubling my controllers! Best of luck to everyone! Arnold
  13. In pulled the trigger, I got another, controller! I haven't even received my first order yet!
  14. Well, now after looking over my general plan for this years display, I have decided 32 channels is not enough. I will be ordering another box this week! Please tell me this madness doesn't continue! Attached is the general layout of my display with 48 channels. (sorry it is in PDF, it was all drawn in CAD) Attached files XMAS LIGHTS2-Model.pdf
  15. spindler88 wrote: LOL. The best way is go ahead and order the 32, much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Then again, that may explain why I am single. Already planning the display. And what I wanna do, I dunno if 32 is enough! I haven't even gotten the thing yet and it looks like I may need at least one more!
  16. Caniac, see already started I got 32 channels. Ken- funny! Prolly right though! Funny thing is I've been wanting to do this for over a year. Last year I got the mr. Christmas to see if I wanted to expand, after the first day, I wanted more! As the Christmas sales started, I stocked up! Turns out I wish I red more about the LEDs you get at the store. I lost about 8 strands. Think I'll stock up on the right LEDs next year, and just use incodecent for the colors I'm lacking this year. Looking forward for the madness to start! The newbie Arnold
  17. After about 2 years of wanting to get a LOR system, I finally purchased my LOR start-up kit. I decided to go with the 32 controller system with the advanced software. So here is hoping that the sequencing goes well! I am excited! The newbie Arnold
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