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  1. Just stumbled across this thread.. I am using the e680 series from sandivices. Yea it took a little time but thanks to Jeff Millard, I got it all figured out.

    I am using the 3001ic pixels from ray, 5volts. Had to inject power but all and all a great setup. I did not have a pixel fail during this season. I had a purpose for going the pixel route. My roof line last year was lacking the wow factor. So I specifically knew what I wanted to do.. and this was the best/cheapest route. I am running 900 dmx channels on 8 strands of pixels. (Wreath I have 2 pixels per channel). Here is a small sample of what I did with them http://vimeo.com/m/54209388

    Now, for those wanting to experiment, I would find pixels here in the states.. shipping cost is a well fill in the blank if you order 1 or 2 strands.. keep in mind ray also will make lights to any spacing you request with little or no change in price.

    This year im planning on doing a pixel tree on the roof as well (got a half a board empty, cant have that!!!! ) so ill be

    Playing with the nutcracker soon.

    As far as everyone in north texas looking into this. Let me know via pm see if we can get a how to session going.

    I wish everyone a safe new years!

    Arnold claycomb

  2. Aren't there requirements for being included in the Jimswinder "timber!" club? Something like the tree has to fall in winds of less than 15 MPH? And isn't there a fall distance requirement of more than 6ft. below the pole base? Sorry Jim! I couldn't help myself!! :P

    Kidding aside, I was expecting to have some wind damage as well. This morning I looked and my display came through unscathed. My three guy wired mega tree is a measly 15 feet tall with 18" anchors.

    Hopefully those with damage will find it minor!!

    What is funny as heck is the mini trees and xs mini trees only being held in the ground by plant anchors did not move at all! I would of figured that I would have to fix those vs fixing mega tree.. 70mph wind is not fun!

  3. I did before tree fell... and as far as structure nothing failed.. what failed was the ground.. the anchor pulled out a 12" dia by 18" deep clump of dirt!

    I did before tree fell... and as far as structure nothing failed.. what failed was the ground.. the anchor pulled out a 12" dia by 18" deep clump of dirt!

  4. Well.... After me bugging my good old buddy Jim for what 3 years now about his accident with gravity. One of my mega trees have discovered this same law.. Lastnight, we had a storm blow through.. A 70 mph came through, and one of my mega trees having 4 guy wires.. one of which is in a "planter" area fell down.. The one guy wire that failed is the one in the planter.. and the anchor did not just pull out.. It took about a 12" dia ring of dirt with it.. It looked like a cork. I managed to get it back up this morning, but tonight I need to fix the lights...

    I am sadily now admitting that Arnold is now a member of the Jimswinder mega tree falling down club..

    sad day..


  5. Well, I couldn't wait for Thrusday to test these pixels out on my wreath. The wreath still has 200 of red, blue, green and clear LED lights on it. But last year, my biggest complaint that there was not a lot of action on the roof line area. So, thanks to Jeff for helping me get my feet wet in the pixel arena I added 200 pixels to this bad boy.. I got to admit. ITS BRIGHT!! I am excited to see what the pixels on the roof plus this will look like! Come-on Saturday!


    BTW, I need to remember which plug goes to what.. I had 1,2, 3,4 mixed up when I made this video.. I fixed it, just to lazy to redo the video...

  6. Can't attach my wreath picture.. I croped the living daylights out of it, also compressed it.. 9.28k seems very small personally..

    Anyways, I am focusing on getting the wreath done. I have redone the garland on it, and fixed the exiisting lights as needed. I also started adding my pixels to the wreath.. I am stoked to see how this looks! I can't test til Thursday, as my controller is being used for my halloween display. Roof lights go up this weekend! I hope the weather holds!


    PS. Ill try to attach picture in a few days, with everything on!

  7. Today? nothing, but the past week I completed my "mini" trees. Also, went through all my sequencing and fixed a few oopsies.

    This weekend I will redo wreath, and get everything ready needed for the roof since I put it up next weekend!

    I am behind. My goal was to not work on Christmas stuff every night from Oct to lights on day, but it doesn't appear that will happen.

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