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  1. If you still sharing may i pretty please be on your list. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  2. Would you help me out as well. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  3. I would appreciate any of your spiral sequences if you are willing to share. I hope to build my for this years show and not a clue how to sequence them. Thank you so much! Tammy Woodard Hoboken GA
  4. If you would'nt mind I would like a copy please. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  5. May I please get a copy. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  6. I could use help please. My first Halloween. I have the corp 7ft pumpkin and 8 little little pumpkins. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  7. I would love anything your willing to share. This is my first Halloween I could use all the help I can get. Thank you so much for sharing. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  8. May I get a copy please. Thank you Tammy. woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  9. Thank you woodard_tammy@hotmail.com
  10. Thank you all so much I have a lot of seq but didn't think about the closing needs to be separate. Thank you both for answering.
  11. I am ready to build my show. I open tonight as long as the brown truck co mes. Okay so I have my seq and my audio from Kevin. How do I set them up? Do I use separate shows or just do them in order kinda like this. open kevin song song cut from kevin song song song close kevin Would that be correct. Can someone help me. My kids are so excited we run tonight! And so am I.
  12. Thank you for sharing! That was great!
  13. I did'nt realize it was a video. I opened it in lor thinking it was a seq. I have 11 yo triplet girls who would have loved this. Thank you for responding. I am not savy enough to do anything with video. I am glad others get to enjoy!
  14. Thank you, but what did i do wrong. It says i don't have a license to use this and would'nt save it. Also has the music been edited? Or do i go to amazon and just buy the media sorry second year newbie still training.
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