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  1. so gator nuggets begat gators and all was right with the world?
  2. I have two tickets for Saturday to the Christmas Expo, we can't go so PM me if you want them.
  3. where do nuggets come from or do I want to know?
  4. Avoid Windows 10 S, bought an inexpensive laptop for a project because it had "Windows 10" and was inexpensive ($150 new). What it didn't say was it was running a subset of Windows 10 designed to compete with Chromebook. I will let you decided what the S should stand for.
  5. once I test the one I bought in the spring I will be looking for a second. Also moving closer!
  6. Sister-in-law is blind (not the one in Orlando though that would explain her driving) and lives in Tucson. She has done Uber and Lyft, says Lyft drivers are better and more respectful.
  7. from what I read I don't need to send them anywhere. Just change the names on the registration and email you the confirmation.
  8. I would give you our tickets if it looks like we can't go. Just need to see how to transfer them.
  9. I think it runs Tuesday to Saturday with Tuesday to Friday being classes. Expo hall opens on Friday and is open on Saturday.
  10. Uber. My sister-in-law lives in Orlando and might drive you but trust me, your safer with Uber. We don't call her the white knuckle ride for nothing.
  11. that doesn't sound right, the info I got was $99 for early registration and $115 for day of.
  12. we are moving to the midwest so there is a chance we may not go, we have two tickets for Saturday that we might be willing to send your way if you are interested. I just need to check with the expo to see how they do that.
  13. Over five years I will have done my show in five different locations. Started in Wendell, moved to Nebraska, moved again in Nebraska, moved back to Wendell, and now back to Nebraska. I am contemplating putting everything on wheels!! lol Work takes me back to Nebraska and this time for an extended period so we have sold our NC home and bought a place in Nebraska. Time to reconfigure my show layout (I am becoming a pro at this).
  14. we have our tickets but may be a "game day decision", we are moving to the midwest. We have somewhere to stay just need to decide if we want to spend the airline funds.
  15. I start January 15th, by then I know what I didn't like or didn't work on the previous show plus what I want to add to this years show. Do a mockup in the sequencer and start a "wish list" for parts.
  16. if you made it taller and narrower might have given an eerie looks, I added giant inflatable spiders to mine.
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