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  1. so far I have the skeletons, pirate flag, will build cannons over the next couple of weekends.
  2. it will go to the right side of my house and have a pixel sail.
  3. what kind of clips are you using?
  4. Nope, what I did was buy a $50 projector off of Amazon and took it outside. It looked ok so I borrowed a high end unit from a local audio/visual store. OMG what a difference!!
  5. Tinkered with this last year, spend the money on a good projector. My first test of my evil angel was ok but when I upgraded the projector it even scared me!
  6. Get to do it again with a P5 and reconfiging my P10.
  7. several ways to run them, with and without LOR. Biggest pirate ship challenge is to build it so it can be easily stored plus given the labor I will want to run it at least 3 years.
  8. will be running a total of 3 P5/P10 panels one of which will mimic the Memorial Stadium video board. Turn the yard into a full size version of The Black Pearl for Halloween with a 3200 pixel "sail". Add 3 more Falcon controllers and two more Pi's. upgrades to ALL props.
  9. Dielectric grease will also help
  10. our quickest was 4 hours, not gonna happen this year. We have all but our two tallest trees (old style mega tree and a pixel strip tree) and the plan was to take them down yesterday. Instead it snowed and it snowed and it snowed some more.
  11. my recommendation is Boscoyo Studios, much better product.
  12. P10’s are cheaper than a boatload of bullets, not overly complex depending on how you build it. Pi and cape to control vs 1-2 pixel controllers and power injection. If it were that complex I wouldn’t currently have three.
  13. are you wanting to send effects to it or video? If video then there are better options.
  14. those of us that use it connect them with something called a colorlight card which is connected to a Pi running FPP in bridge mode. I don't think S5 supports it any other way.
  15. best money we spent both in NC and here was adding dedicated show circuits. All GFCI as well as labelled.
  16. don't know if you will ever be trip free but with careful planning you can eliminate most of the weak spots. Last year in NC I think it was monsoon season, our front yard doubled as a swamp. But with planning and knowing the weaknesses we were able to run our show even when the larger show down the road would shut down. Between dielectric grease and waterproof electricians tape we got thru it. Having said all this, tear down was a bit of a challenge. Breaking down the extension cords and connectors I used dielectric grease on was like cleaning away snot.
  17. dielectric grease is your best friend. We added 12 dedicated show circuits when we moved here and all are GFCI
  18. I use the same but use a 10ft and 5ft section put together with a pole pin. Has survived the Nebraska winds.
  19. I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong but it was my understanding that a new developer and new methodologies were brought in with S5 hence the issues you are having. Not necessarily a bad thing but can be problematic moving from S4 to S5. Again if you decide to check out xLights and have a question let me know, will gladly share how I handled it.
  20. let me know if you have questions or issues, will be glad to help.
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