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  1. Looking for some more Christmas Elvis songs if anyone has any available already have blue Christmas. guess the neighbors like Elvis and since they are across the street doing what I can to make them happy.
  2. May I also get a copy please sarenblack@comcast.net Thanks
  3. I know I asked before, but it seems I never received it the first time. May I have another try. sarenblack@comcast.net
  4. Was wondering if anyone has done this sequence yet that is willing to share. sarenblack@comcast.net
  5. may I also get a copy thanks sarenblack@comcast.,net
  6. may I get a copy please. sarenblack@comcast.net Thanks
  7. may I also get a copy please thanks. sarenblack@comcast.net
  8. Hey james I appreciate you sending me these but for some reason I have not received them could you send them again.
  9. may I also get a copy to James sarenblack@comcast.net thanks
  10. may I also get a copy of these songs sarenblack@comcast.net thanks
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