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  1. Use Low to avoid FCC issues. Low should only transmit for a block or two until it becomes fuzzy. Be very conscious of the frequency you broadcast on too, obviously. Don't broadcast over a station, use empty space on the dial and give yourself room near the station in case of any bleed over (i adjusted the output level to prevent bleeding onto other stations with good success).
  2. This is what I would do. Create an animation sequence, and set it up so that it uses 32 channels. Timing can be whatever you like, say 1 second. Length can be 5 minutes. This one sequence will loop, so it doesn't have to be very long. now the animation sequence will open on the grid. Use the arrow cursor and select the upper left most grid square. Now select the "ON" (green square) button in the menu bar. Scroll all the way to the end of the sequence, and now scroll all the way down. In the lowest right corner of the grid, hit SHIFT+left click. All channels in the sequence shou
  3. We found a workaround. The only sequences that worked were in wma format, but all mp3s were throwing the errors. So we converted the mp3 files to wma and changed the media file to use the wma. The show can run now. Does 3.11.2 have known issues with mp3 files?? This doesn't seem like something on our end, as the sequences worked fine before upgrading. And the sequences run fine when using a wma file. Nothing changed except light o Rama software suite from 2.9.4 to 3.11.2.... The system in question is running Windows XP.
  4. I'm at a loss on this one. Note: thread title should say 2.3 required, not 3.2 - oops. My bro-in-law updated his LOR from 2.9.4 to 3.11.2 and as a result, windows pops up titled the following, in sequence: BASS_AAC BASS_ALAC BASS_APE The error message says "Invalid bass.dll version (2.3 required)" upon trying to play any sequence he has previously created in LOR, except two. For whatever reason, two sequences work perfectly as expected. But 2 sequences does not a show make! Once the errors occur, LOR freezes up and must be forced to shut down. When I try to create a new sequence u
  5. What I do is set my FM transmitter on a timer. About 10-30 minutes before my show, the FM transmitter starts up and broadcasts nothing. When LOR starts the shows, the audio is then broadcasted. Again about 10-30 minutes after the show ends, my timer turns off the transmitter. That way I'm not broadcasting dead air all of the time.
  6. Interesting idea. Would love to see it in action when it's done. I think you're looking at an x10 system (for light switch operation) combined with some laser safety sensors or something to indicate when you're leaving the garage ...then some other sensor at the foot of the driveway for when you're driving into it (or perhaps the garage door opener as you said). So here's a question for you to ponder: How do you handle when you actually pull into your garage? You drive into your driveway (assuming some "curb" sensor or garage door opens): Lights move toward garage. You pull out of your
  7. Mobile Black Box Eclipse 4000 owner here, too. Very happy with the quality of audio. The power is...significant. I also use an attenuator, a 10db one, and it now only travels clearly to within the boundaries of my neighborhood...instead of a mile+. Just bought a CZH05B...in low power mode I hope it's not too powerful. My brother-in-law will be using it. Considering another attenuator. So long as it sounds good in front of the house, that's all I care about Just put an order through for one of these, thanks SO much for the link and a bit of insight into it. Looks like the company tha
  8. It's never too late. Start with shorter songs and simple ideas. Work your way up as time/equipment allows. Even 8 channels can look totally awesome if well sequenced. Season's Greetings!
  9. Thanks for the advice I'll have to start considering what I can do. I'm afraid the local population of critters might make this a challenging thing to fight. I'm in a residential neighborhood. Definitely can't put out antifreeze (random dead stray/neighbor cats would look terrible in the front yard), and can't shoot anything. Live trapping might be an option.
  10. Anyone have a problem with squirrels (or other critters) chewing on their extension cords? I've had two now that I've had to repair, both in the exact same little area...interestingly enough. The fact that it's occurring in the same area makes me think it's behavioral...so I need to break the behavior before it becomes a habit. I've read about red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, etc. Just wondered if anyone had some real experiences and advice they could provide. Thanks!
  11. You'll need to an mp3 mini director to do what you'd like (run standalone - that is unless as others said you have a pro model). Otherwise you'll need a computer to run the show (even if the show is just an animation of all lights on). Once you unplug, connection to the controllers is lost, and everything will shut off. I have an mp3 mini director and it is a really nice little piece of gear. Very small and easy to use. You'll need to get a timer or something though, as the second it has power, it starts to run the sequences on the SD card that you put in it (which has your shows and audio
  12. First year with 48 channels here. So far, 3 (and maybe 4) controllers seems about perfect for the size of display I'm doing. We got everything but the mega tree set up last night, and it's looking amazing!
  13. KHenry1319 wrote: Just wanted to chime in here and say that using a LOR controller wrong can burn down your house. These folks are just trying to help. They enjoy their LOR fun and want you to enjoy it, too - but there is a safety factor with this. Especially when you're suggesting replacing fuses with higher capacity. Have fun and stick with it, read a lot more in the links they posted. Heck I just learned a couple new things! Season's Greetings to you and yours
  14. Army Lights wrote: Oh, ya, I forgot to mention that I also plan on getting an FM Transmitter. I'm a fellow Newbie Haven't gotten LOR yet, planning for next year. I did however get an FM transmitter - a Mobile Black Box Eclipse 4000. It sounds beautifully clear! The standard antenna will be plenty for your needs, i got both the standard and the higher power one, and I haven't even touched the higher power one yet. The standard, fully extended, goes reeeeally far. Retracted all the way is just my neighborhood area. I have a cedar siding house, though - might help with transmission pow
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