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  1. So basically just spiral wrap a strip around a tomato cage, makes sense. I think I'll do this, just have to come up with a good place to put them! Thanks for the idea.
  2. I have a cmb24 and 8 dumb rgb strips left over from redoing my whole house. What can I build simply and program quickly to utilize these? I already have mega tree, ccr tree, arches, and the whole house/windows/doors outlined. Any ideas?
  3. I know the season is already half over but I was cleaning up the mess from this years install. I switched from white led strings outlining the whole house and windows to dumb rgb this year. I realized I have a lot of lights and controllers left over now and need ideas what to do with them in a short amount of time. I already have 30' 16 channel rgb mega tree with spirals, arches, 12ccr tree, and house outlined. What I have left: 8 16' dumb rgb's and controller 1 ctb16 and a bunch of led strings, different lengths, almost all white so does anyone have any neat design elements that are ea
  4. Do you recommend CCP over CCB and if so, why? Thanks!
  5. Jim, thanks for the reminder. I used 12 ccr's for my superstar tree last year and they were so bright I ran them about 20% for the entire show so they didn't drown out the rest of the house and they were still bright! If the ccb's are as bright I don't think there will be a problem. A mega tree that can go round and round, up and down, and every which way imaginable is only limited by programming time at this point! :shock:
  6. I'm thinking a 25' ccb mega tree would be cool. Use 8 ccb units giving 16 25' strings for the tree. The possible patterns and movements are endless. Would the 6" spacing be too wide? I think my tree last year used 4" spacing leds. Oh the possibilities are hurting my head already!
  7. lol, yes. I have an unused stone chimney that extends about 4 feet above my roof. I strapped the torch expansion tank (a 20 pound propane tank) to the top of the chimney. The torch head was 1/2" copper attached to an asco solenoid valve. The expansion tank was supplied by another 20lb tank on the ground with a regulator and hose running up the chimney. The flame was lit by a 15,000volt neon sign transformer that created a 2" spark at the top of the torch head. I ran about 20psi on the regulator and got a 15-20' flame. Overall quite the crowd pleaser.
  8. haha, I was a bit nervous at first but it ran from thanksgiving to new year with no problems. The best part was the flame was visible for about 2 miles down the road. Looked really cool seeing it over the treetops from down the road.
  9. So I used this post as inspiration and stepped it up a bit. Not the best video but this will give you an idea of the results!
  10. does anyone know the name of the song in the first video?
  11. Surfing4Dough wrote: Your tax money at work I guess. Really? It's ok for police cars to drive around aimlessly all night but a fire truck is returning from a call waiting for the next call and suddenly they are wasting money?
  12. Hmmm, a silo might look good in my front yard. Great idea!
  13. I've been wondering about this. Of all my christmas display elements this will definitely be the most difficult to store. My dillema is I made a 25' weber mega tree using pvc hoops to keep the shape and hold the spacing of my weber spirals. Undoing and redoing all of this next year will be a real pain in the butt. Not to mention the 3,000 zip ties I'll need. I have a center hub that can be cranked down so I am trying to find a way to crank down the lights and leave everything attached to the hoops then storing this whole pile on a trailer and covering with a tarp til next year. This way
  14. Occasional? Every show which is every hour, the police drive by. I'm on a state highway so technically people aren't supposed to stop but as long as they are over the breakdown lane line they are ok. A couple times they kick people out who are half in the road. Once a bus was sticking out into the travel lane and the police made them load up and move on. The craziest thing is when the breakdown lanes are already filled and people still stop right in the middle of the travel lane to watch. Some people aren't too bright. I think the thing that saves me from having problems with traffic is t
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