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  1. I got three CCR II ribbons as back ups for my CCR tree just in case. 😁 And needed a new mounting box for my CMB24 that controls my CC Floods so got that along with the mounting plate. That's really all I needed right now. So I'm glad LOR had the sale and I was able to get those things.
  2. Hi The RGB floods are also easy to add to S4 sequencing. Assuming you will be controlling them with a CMB24 controller, you can add that device below your A/C controllers in S4. Again assuming you have 8 of them to fill the controller when adding them you will have black lines for each flood/unit. If my memory serves me right, you right click on the last controller in a current sequence. Then an option for add device below should pop up along with some other options. Choose add below. Then follow prompts to add a group of 8 units that are RGB. You need to number it and if you use any of the LOR sequences you'll want this device to be Unit 8 on the regular networks as that is the unit id the LOR sequences use. You then use the color selector tool. Click on the box you want to start the color on and drag till you want to stop. To do fades you need to have whatever color you want and to fade off you need to select black. Pixels can't fade off, at least in S4 they can't. For more detailed info go to this link on LOR and scroll down to CMB24 and you can download the PDF of the user manual. https://www1.lightorama.com/documentation/ The 8 RGB floods from LOR were my first RGB element I added a few years ago and I love the effect they give. My opinion is they are the best way to dip your toes in the whole RGB waters. LOL I hope this helps, if I can be of any more help please let me know. *I'm not on my personal PC right now so I hope my procedures were correct. 😄 Al
  3. Hey Guys, Updating the firmware did the trick! Created a quick animation sequence of fading up and then down of red, then green and then blue. All colors worked perfect. Thank you so much for the quick help. Love our LOR forum community! Al
  4. Ok, I'm still up and looked at the ordering again and I think its correct but will get the instructions out and double check soon. The color is still BGR and not able to change it. :( Have a great day everyone and stay safe! Al
  5. Hi JR, Thanks for the reply. I checked it out this evening. So it looks like the order is Blue, Green, Red when I use the pixel console. I'm not able to make any changes save in the ordering of the color. The pixel strings I'm using are the 3 wire ws2811 12v 50 pixel strings from LOR. My pixie4 is version 1.04 and I'm using S4 4.4.6 Pro. One other thing that makes me think I have A LOT of work to do is parts of a chase aren't in the order they should be. I ran a sequence I used last Christmas and the all white older sequence looked fine. It was basically just expanding but also have some "exploding" effects that looked cool. I really don't want to open this RGB star back open and have to redo the pixels. I'm hoping that has something to do with a setting. I was very careful to place them properly to Brian Bruderer's instructions. Anyway, it's getting late here in MD so I'm done for the night. LOL Maybe we can talk/text some weekend earlier in the evening? I appreciate your reply and help. Thanks, Al
  6. Happy Memorial Day Everyone. Hope you all are well and staying safe. I am wondering of its normal to have to "set" the color order if using an LOR pixie 4 controller with LOR smart pixels? I'm almost certain I hooked the wires up correctly but will check soon. I used the 4 strings and the controller on my RGB star on top of my new CCR tree last year. Luckily the sequences I had are older ones from Holiday Sequences so they were all white and had the star expanding in just white so it worked. But for this year's show I will be doing some sequencing myself and using at least 1 Superstar sequence that will include RGB star sequences. I have 4 of the white 12v bullet pixels model #12V-WH-BULLET-50-EC from the LOR RGB page. I'll double check on the dip switch but I'm pretty sure I followed JR's instructions on this pixie as I did for the Pixie 16. I appreciate any input given. Have a great day and stay safe. Thanks, Al
  7. Hi Lightingnewb, Those look a lot like the LOR ones here: http://store.lightorama.com/rjwada.html . They work great for Cat 5 cables but the outdoor Cat5 or Cat6 cables that have the larger plugs and shields don't fit inside them as LOR states. I had two Cat6 cables I happened to be using and thought the cable cover would work and it really did. So I only used the actual connector that was inside the LOR plug. Thanks for the info and link though. Have a great day and stay safe. Al
  8. Hi Kurt, Thanks for the reply. After watching several videos one from the company that was about 45 minutes long I got what I was looking for. Not perfect or great but better than my previous videos. I like this software and will keep playing with it and am looking forward to videos next year. Here's a link to it on Vimeo. Again, nothing great but I'm pretty happy with it. Hope everyone had a great turnout and are well. Stay safe. Al
  9. A friend of mine (not an over the top decorator) posted a video he shot of short videos he took with his new drone a few months ago and added audio with the video. He mentioned he worked with Davinci Resolve 17 and that it had a "Learning curve" but was happy with it's results. His video was very cool. I downloaded the free version and have been watching YouTube instructional videos but it seems like it's hard to do multi camera shot videos synched to the song both videos are of. Anyone else use this software? It seems really nice but MAN does it have a bunch of tools! I would love any input on this software. Have a great day/evening and stay safe. Thanks, Al
  10. Congrats JR! Thank you for all your help. 😃 Al
  11. Here it is closed. Worked really well! 👍 Later, Al
  12. I thought I'd share an idea that worked for me this past season. I have a few of the LOR cat5 waterproof connectors and they work great for cat5 cables. But I also have some cat6 cables that have the large plug ends on them. The one I had that went from my red connector at my laptop in the house was too short to make it to my new CCR tree. I have several of these green extension cord covers that I got from Walmart. I only used the actual female to female connector of the whole LOR setup and put them together as shown in the picture. You will notice a tiny bit of water in it. I checked after seeing it and the connector itself was dry. We had some DOWNPOUR rains last month! So it looks like that tiny bit did get in. Plus I didn't do a very good job of making sure it stayed flat nd one end was pointed up a bit. Next year I will make sure to keep it level and may even put a small bag over it. But I wanted to let everyone else know this works for cat6 cables if you have those instead of cat5 cables. I'm going to try and comment and upload the other picture of it closed. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! 🙂 Al
  13. Sorry to hear of all of your positive tests. Putting you all in my prayers for a quick and easy recovery! Merry Christmas
  14. Hi Everyone. LOL we do have a large wide yard. I try to use most of it but more focused around the front of our house. We added a CCR tree this year that is at the corner of the sidewalk and driveway at about a 45. No I don't own the field across the road and don't know the owners too well yet. No hard feelings at all but their side gets a little torn up too so I'm trying to stay "under the radar" with them. LOL I did think of that for at least the 4 wheel drive trucks in the area but I'd hate it if they tore up the field. The county is pretty large but luckily the roads department is just outside our town so they are close. We do get snow but not usually until later in the winter, usually January. We do get plowed so I'm thinking the only thing that might work would be try and put some barrier partially in the drainage ditch and then backfill with gravel to try and level off. The other thing is many people realize if they go across the road it sits a bit higher and flatter. The more you pull off on our side, the more the vehicle leans toward the ditch so the driver and driver side passengers in the back can't see as much. Thanks for the feedback guys! Al
  15. Hi Everyone, This is more for us that have our shows/displays in rural settings that don't have full paving and curbs to keep our visitors cars/tires clean. We live along a street that uses tar and chip as pavement and then blends into grass that I maintain even though the county has the "right of way." With the rains we've had, and usually do in December, and the increased volume of visitors the side of our road is TORE UP! LOL I'm probably going to reach out to our county roads department and get some idea as to what we can do for next year. It's too late for this year. It's so bad cars and smaller/nicer SUV's are sitting mostly in the lane and not getting into the muddy area. I hate that the lane is partially blocked. If anyone has had this similar type of problem, what have you done to try and help out the situation? I have flags and some driveway reflector poles marking where the draining ditch is on the side as to prevent them from going too far over. If you Google Map our address of 636 Spaniard Neck Rd. Centreville, MD you'll see what I'm talking about. The image is old but you'll get the idea. I'd appreciate any ideas. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year! 😃 Al
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