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  1. I didn't submit a request for help but that's a good idea. Hopefully someone can get me an answer soon.
  2. Could really use some help with this. Would it have anything to do with having a start time on the director as well as the config file?
  3. Getting an odd "Er.9" error on the show director. Any ideas what this is? I'm guessing this has something to do with the aux input for the remote trigger start?
  4. When I go to the Simple Show builder and look to add the .seq file, it does not recognize it as an option to move from the left pane to the right. Looks like it wants it to be a .lms or .las. Is there an option I'm missing?
  5. I do not have the original files. All I have is an SD card with the .seq files and a .cfg. I understand it's late, but I really do appreciate your help. I will continue to explore the Hardware Utility manager to see if there is some way to modify the .seq's to support different times. Thank you again!
  6. Is there any way to take the .seq file and make a new show from the files? Meaning the .seq should have dates/times associated with it... can I change those and keep the .lms file embedded as is? Thanks for the help, Sir.
  7. Hello, I have an SD card with several .seq files on them - I believe this is the format the MP3 Show Director uses. I want to see the original sequencing files on them so I can edit them again, but i'm not sure how, or if I even can. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Started in another forum but wanted to extend the invite here. Few of us are planning a meet up in Phoenix in early/mid June. Any one here interested in joining?
  9. I've seen some really well thought out designs with outlets in the yard. Huge cost savings in extension cords. I second the Ethernet drops. Probably one for Ethernet and a second for E1.31 dmx.
  10. This is a great video. I'm curious to why you need the dongle though. If I had my LOR controllers set to dmx, or a dumb RGB controller connected to my pi, could the E1.31 bridge not suffice for use of a modified Ethernet cable that has the dmx protocol configured? I think it's orange and white for data in dmx.
  11. I'm actually in the middle of doing this right now. Came across a pi and thought "why not?".... John Storms @Listentoourlights has done a great deal of work in this and I'm pretty much using these video's as my how-to guide. Here's the Pi video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjeyZPHajjo You will need to install FPP (Falcon Pi Player) on the Pi and program your controllers to run DMX which is very simple. Major benefit to doing this, as far as I can tell, is the data transfer speed. For my '16 setup I am planning on running a Pi to a series of Falconv2 and dumb RGB controllers (still
  12. Great job! I wish my mega tree was programmed as nicely as yours. You did a great job and I fully appreciate the difficulty of the work you put in to those trees!
  13. I couldn't find any posts on this but given the common issues many of us have with FM transmitters, had anyone tried using a SDR? I have seen $20 dongles on Amazon but those were receive only. Any luck or advice?
  14. We used 16 channels for the spiral tree. Each strand/channel has 250 lights (4,000 lights total). We used a 12' pole and attached it to a weighted support pole dug ~2' in the ground. At the top of the tree we have a circular wooden cutout with 8 holes drilled out. From here we used ~17' bailing wire for each of the 8 support lines. With all 16 strands zip tied to the top of the circle, we hoist the pole in the support pole, attach the 8 stands of bailing wire to 8 tent stakes 5' from the pole, then run a final strand of bailing wire along the ground to each of the tent stakes. The final
  15. Hello all, This is our sixth year with LOR and for the very first time, I have made time to take some videos and upload them online. I know the seasons, over, but better late than never - right?! We are a 64 channel display using incandecients and some LEDs (no RGB... yet!). One of my favorite additions this year was the inputpup. We used an old computer motherboard to install the control buttons and dubbed it the "Kringle Kontrol Panel". It was a small addition but a HUGE hit! We are looking forward to a next year - new house (hopefully bigger yard), RGB/Pixel additions, and maybe ad
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