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  1. Ours changed their name also. Just noticed it last week. MikeH
  2. Try this place: www.customstagedesigns.com I made my own frame out of EMT conduit. Nothing fancy, just used (4) 6' poles and (4) 90 deg ends. Easy to put up, take down & store. Total cost with the screen (5X7) & conduit and misc parts was about $60. MikeH
  3. I started with the WOW 16 - Christmas package. Wanted to make sure I would like and understand all the sequencing involved before I spent too much. That was 4 years ago....now I have 8 controllers and tons of props. I won't have any retirement money left, but at least I'll have fun in the mean time. MikeH
  4. Great job! I will be getting these coro trees for this season. Would like to have a copy if you care to share. okpadrefan at yahoo dot com. thanks MikeH
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss. My dad passed years ago and I still think about him. MikeH
  6. Nice! I just started using SS about a month ago...big learning curve for me. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Mike
  7. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. Merry Christmas. MikeH
  8. Sorry to hear about your display. People like that are just so f........ Well, I can't speak my mind about them here. Hope you will heal in time for next season. MikeH
  9. My computer started acting up about 3 weeks ago also. It would randomly lose where files were or IE would freak out and not be able to connect to sites. I was able to restore my computer to December 12 or 13. That was about the time Microsoft sent out a windows update that started the mess. Now it works fine. I've turn off auto update to prevent any further problems during this season. I'm using Win7 Home Premium SP 1 and IE 10. Don't know if this will fix your problem, but it's worth a try. MikeH
  10. Seemed like someone was throwing rocks on my roof most of the day. Turns out it was the ice falling off the trees. Had to move the wife's car from under the front tree, it was getting pummeled. MikeH
  11. Still have ice on the ground and lights still blinking! MikeH
  12. Around here it's hit or miss. The weather person will say we're supposed to get about .5 of sleet or ice. Sometimes we get nothing. I guess that's good for us. MikeH
  13. And speaking of headlight wars: Tonight I went to look at a light show that is a block long with houses on both sides sync'd to the same music. So I turn into the street, switch my lights to the parking lights and drive to the center of the block where I can see everything in front and behind me. Here comes this pick-up from the other direction and parks about 4 car lengths ahead of me, lights still shining, Before I can signal the truck with my lights, a small car pulls in front of me and stops, foot on the brakes, brake lights shining in my face. Then another car pulls up behind me, lights
  14. MikeH

    Fm transmitter

    Where is the mute sign? Is it on the LCD display? I've never seen on my transmitter. Here is a link to the manual on the CZH-5B: http://download.fmuser.org/0.5W-CZH-05B-FM-Transmitter-English-Manual.pdf MikeH
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