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  1. Good luck Kenny! My wife and I tried for a while gave up and figured we would try the old fashion way. Get buzzed up and sure enough it worked. I wish you well and hope you can someday return to a show that amazes your child!
  2. Not looking at the spec sheet on the rs485 chip in my controllers.. Did it change in the g3 controllers?
  3. OK.. No alcohol higher than fermentation will be made but after double checking and seeing I'm not allowed to make Even a drop for personal consumption.
  4. Two of those ideas really make me wish we had a dehydrator. The alcohol containing ideas I've thought of using my pressure canner with a worm coming off the vent pipe. Apple rounds that is something like a coffee or tea cake from what I'm finding. Is that correct?
  5. I'm curious what to do with apples other than applesauce, juice, cider, pectin, pies, pie filling, sauce, butter, jelly? I have lots and lots available made all but the cider so far as my homemade press is buried in my parents basement Anyone got something to share?
  6. A side note to all married.. We have our own government at home. Thankfully my wife supports my light addiction "bill" that become law I must have a display..
  7. And that was what I had hope would happen.. Just a joking around thread :-)
  8. Tricked you! Have a great day working on your show
  9. I just have to say one thing. Lori enjoy the extra time with your kids while the grown ups playing kids games play political "tag you're it"
  10. Double check your com cables and make sure you're not dropping voltage from your "test bench"
  11. Had to edit out a p o as it was seen as foul language
  12. Ron that has come into my mind many times. Have been looking at regs along with around for who might have a sensitive enough meter to check compliance. Following as a joke ONLY whatever happened to the old days of the us where we could Annoy the neighbors and start a decades long fight Hatfield and McCoy style? Again that was only as a joke folks only looking to get the best signal out front of the house and on the scanner in the house without bending it breaking laws.
  13. Oh man it didn't post all of what I had.. Dang tapatalk. I'm using a ofc dipole for the scanner antenna and a dipole built from one of the finds on this board or diy Christmas using copper wire and PVC pipe both are planned mounting vertical unless there is a better way. Link to scanner build. http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Homebrewed_Off-Center_Fed_Dipole Planning to possibly build a discone antenna for the scanner to get even more reception
  14. This is the scanner antenna I built an off dipole. http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Homebrewed_Off-Center_Fed_Dipole the type of FM antenna build is the normal center feed dipole in PVC. Both will be mounted vertical unless I would be better off another way. I have been looking at making a discone antenna for the scanner though and why I was vague in what type of antennas as I just do not know enough to not simply be dangerous to my scanner and or transmitter. But on the dipoles I was reading of stacked dipole increasing gain and worry of doing that. Thanks to all contributing though
  15. Just curious as I'm about to put up a mast for my fire/police scanner antenna. Would there be a problem with putting my transmitter antenna on that same mast? Possibly overloading the scanner's feed line even though those frequencies are not able to be tuned on the scanner?
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