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  1. Your "facts" are incorrect. Let's just say that the timeliness of your response speaks volumes.
  2. I use Visio 2012. Print to double size tabloid (11x17) each for front and back yard. All/most connections are noted and readible and used during setup. I couldn't begin to get my display up without it. (12K RGB DC channels, 256 AC channels, mixed bag of LOR/DMX and mostly E1.31 this year.)
  3. Make sure that the LOR console is running. It is required even if you are sequencing. If that doesn't work, double check that your DMX addressing matches your dimmer packs. Make sure that the LOR console is running. Also reload the console anytime you change the DMX adapter in network preferences.
  4. Good luck! Whatever you do it's got to be better than Mr. Christmas.
  5. Now that's FUNNY.... ROFLMAO!!! (Sorry Jim)
  6. Thank you for the information Brian. I had given up. I just called several Costcos - the GECEs are "not in any stores in their southeast region". But it is good to know that they DO have them in some stores (CA, TX, NJ) - guess I'll have to use my "phone a friend".
  7. Have you found the GECE available at Costco this year? They were readily available last year but I haven't found them at Costco this year. They have an inventory item number and price but no product. The management at two local stores told me that no stock was showing up in any of the stores or distribution centers. Then in mid-October I was told that the Costco item number was marked as discontinued. If you find them in a Costco I would really like to know which one(s) as I would like some more of them myself. They are large and really make an impression.
  8. I was in a hurry for some enclosures and I broke my #1 rule - check references on the forums. I need communication. Why is it that Ray Wu can be half way around the world and 12 hour different time zone can answer all my questions and get his products to me yet this bozo in Texas can't even acknowledge a PAID ORDER???? I got my money back thanks to paypal but I am now two weeks behind in my schedule. All this stress and aggravation over some enclosures?? No way. Use dfcco - their prices are slightly better and their communication and shipping are great! I'm done with WLC - he has proved
  9. Update on my experience with WLC Ventures.. Still no response from WLC Ventures to any of my emails. Their phone is still going unanswered. I filed a dispute with Paypal yesterday and today he refunded my money. No message, no note, no email, no explanation as to his lack of attentiveness and lack of communication. However, the dispute has been resolved and closed out. I think it is only fair that since I noted a problem with this vendor that I also note that he quickly resolved the problem once I filed a dispute. I would have preferred that he ship product but I am happy with this resul
  10. I only use rope lights for two purposes anymore. One is for some animated snowman figures. The other is to dimly line our driveway and along our flowerbeds since both are pavers and present 2" high trip hazards.
  11. Glen, those mini trees are fantastic!
  12. RS-485 can certainly go faster than LOR is pushing it BUT in going faster it limits the cable length. They want a reliable, resiliant communication network. The DMX protocol runs over RS-485 connections at 250Kb for hundreds of feet. CANbus (think Automotive/Truck OBDI) runs over RS-485 at 500Kb and 2Mb - both limited to less than 100'. I have also worked on some internal aircraft systems communicating over CANbus at 10Mb and I am told they can exceed 30Mb - but then your entire display would have to fit in an area the size of a 5' desktop.
  13. Four years I tried rope light for the star on my megatree. Two strands - one white, one mixed. Both were tied to a steel star base. About 10 days into "lights on" I lost two adjoining sections of the white. Never again. I couldn't get to the star to fix it. It was a very sad star and I had to use just the mixed string. I am just glad that I had it or I would have had to go without any star. The next year I used minis and they were MUCH brighter. The following year was LED and now its RGB. I wouldn't touch rope light on my megatree for love nor money. Just my $.02.
  14. FWIW I placed an order with WLC. Product was in stock and my payment was immediately accepted. Upon closer examination of his fineprint, the in-stock quantity means that he either has product or it may simply be on order with his vendor. My order was never accepted. Then his stock showed 0. Upon checking his shipping status page it shows that he hasn't updated any shipping information since September. His phone is not answered. My emails are never answered. I have asked for a refund and since he didn't accept my order, it shouldn't be a problem.... I hope. I'll post what happens and when. WL
  15. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. We're always within 30 days of some holiday.
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