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  1. Could I have a copy too James? As many times as I've had to endure listening to this, my daughter would love to see it in lights! Thanks, isforads@gmail.com
  2. I'd love a copy of this classic James, thanks! isforads@gmail.com
  3. I went back and forth from S4 to S5 multiple times during the beta (on two computers) and then to the official S5 release, all without first uninstalling the previous version. Never encountered an issue, but as Alan said I would make a copy of your sequences in case you want to go back to S4 and you saved them in S5.
  4. I'd love a copy too James - appreciate all the hard work and willingness to share, the other sequences I have gotten from you are great! Thanks isforads@gmail.com
  5. Love this version! James, I would love a copy of the faces please. isforads@gmail.com
  6. James, I would love a copy if possible as I am planning my signing faces for the first time this year, using non-pixel faces and my 12-strip pixel tree. Thank you isforads@gmail.com
  7. James, I'd love a copy too if possible! Thank you isforads@gmail.com
  8. JR, I would love a copy if possible as I am planning my signing faces for the first time this year. Thank you isforads@gmail.com
  9. JR, i'd love a copy too please! Thanks isforads@gmail.com
  10. James, I'd love a copy please - i'm looking for the faces for this , but will take the whole sequence in case it doesn't match my existing. Thanks! isforads@gmail.com
  11. I was able to log in and view/download the files. Thank you!
  12. mixnight - Any chance I could get your two 12 CCR Christmas sequences? I tried downloading them from your website, but they say "failed, no file"? isforads@gmail.com Thanks!
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