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  1. Now that is something I would like to hear more about! I have always been interested in doing a fountain synchronized to music with lots of blinks lights in the water.
  2. I use Madrix to run my 15' smart pixel christmas tree because I love how easy it is to give me amazing effects, many of then music activated! My LOR S3 sends commands to Madrix telling it what effect to run, the speed, intensity, and controls fades, you name it. They work great together! I love my LOR software and will never give it up. It gets better every year!!!!!!
  3. This is something I am interested in also. I do a synchronized light show as part of a high school christmas choir concert every year. This year we found some gloves with flashing LED's in the finger tips for the show choir to do a dance routine with in the dark and it looked awesome. I would really like to step it up and have individually controlled jackets or something. I want to use a Sandevices E6804 to control the pixels and a small wireless router to connect the controller to my network. I have parts ordered and will start experimenting soon!
  4. I have 3 that I can let go for$275. They are in perfect condition and have never been used outside. I have only used them for an indoor light show. I have switched most of my display over to DMX control and just don't have a need for them anymore. Let me know if you are still interested. I prefer PayPal if you use it. Thanks Stephen Walker Memphis, TN
  5. I went to Target and got 12 boxes of these awesome Philips white led dripping icicle lite strings that normally sell for $25 each for $7.50 each! Cha-Ching! that's a bargain. I'm not sure where I'm going to use them uet but at that price I couldn't resist. LOL
  6. I have a brand new Enttec OpenDMX USB for sale. It has never been used and is in perfect condition. I purchased this last year thinking this would work with Madrix but it will not. I later purchased the PRO version which does work. Anyway.... I want $50 for it. I will pay to ship it anywhere in the continental US ONLY via USPS. Please be able to pay by Paypal. Send me a message if you want it. first to come up with the money gets it. Thanks Stephen Walker http://www.enttec.com/?main_menu=Products&pn=70303
  7. I have an ELOR that has never been used except for testing when I first got it. It's in ferfect condition and needs a home. PM me if your interested. Thanks Stephen Walker
  8. I also have an ELOR for sale! Never been used except testing. I will ship to the USA only for $60. PM me if interested. Thanks Stephen Walker
  9. I have 10 Cosmic Color Ribions complete with controllers and power supplys. They are in perfect condition and have never been used out side in the weather. I purchased them last year for a christmas show that I do in doors on a stage. They were used for two shows, taken down and packed away till today so I could re-test everything and take a photo for this post. I decided to do something completely different this year so I want to sell them and try to get some of my money back. I will ship to the USA only! I would prefer PayPal as payment. It protects both seller and buyer. You pay actu
  10. I did a 10 CCR tree and it was awesome. I would imagine 8 would look great too.
  11. The only thing that worries me about the ELOR is the amount of data that a user is going to be trying to push through it (4 DMX Universes) over one LOR network! Last year I ran 10 CCR's and had to split them up across three separate LOR networks to keep them from lagging behind. Pixels take a lot of data. Maybe I am speaking out of turn, but from my experience last year, I would be afraid of planning on running tons of pixels over a LOR network. that's why I personally am so insistent on e1.31. The speed of an Ethernet network is far superior. Just a thought. SteveMaris wrote: I'm with
  12. LOR will control Madrix? You just made my day. I have been really interested in Madrix for a while now but did not want to give up my LOR software as my main control. I had no Idea it was possible. Do you know where I can find any info on this? Thanks Stephen Greg Young wrote: Retail cost: 2 universes $400. 16 universes $1600. It outputs E1.31 directly from your pc's network card. (You can get it cheaper but that is the retail pricing). It is a commercial software package used by quite a few in the lighting/DJ industry. You can download and play with it, fully functional for free,
  13. Hey Dan Any news on how E1.31 is coming along in S3? It's been a couple months since you nave chimed in on the topic.
  14. I know this is an old post but I have a related question and this seems like the best place for it. I have the IDMX1000 that I want to mount in a place that would be better if I didn't have LOR network cables ran to it. Can I connect an Easy Light Linker to my IDMX1000, supply power to the IDMX and it work as a stand alone unit?
  15. I have been using the new SuperStar for a few days and love it. I ran into a small problem tonight. Someone else needs to try this on their pc and see if it is a problem in the software or something isolated to my instalation. When I am in Monochrome mode and try to draw a scene in the color "Blue" it works fine untill I click on the star for my tree and what ever I made blue truns purple. if I turn the colors back to blue it turns my star back off. LOL it don't want me to have a blue tree with a star on top. I am attaching a pic Stephen Attached files
  16. Actually after looking at it closer, the RGB copy does not include channels 151-157 so I can't do a copy from the exported version to my existing sequence and get everything.
  17. Ok This is starting to make since to my little pea brain. I inserted my 10 ccr devices and then degrouped. When I look at them in the channel configuration I see channels 1-157 for each ccr. That makes sence to me. When I export from SSL and look at the chanel configuration I get two copies of each channel for every ccr but one copy is layed out as individual channels and the other is set up as RGB. I assume by what you are telling me that you do not need both or am I way off base?
  18. Brian purchased the full upgrade to 24 ccr's and was checking out how to get a CCR sequence into an existing LOR sequence. when I investigated the cut/paste and the paint sequence methods it assumes there is already a channel configuration setup in your existing sequence to paste or paint it to. I tried to go to my new sequence and set up the chanels myself but when I use add device - cosmic color device. it formats the ccr channels completely different than SSL. Is there an easy solution?
  19. Looks like you beat me to it. ha can I uninstall my old version of SSL? Just to kep my hard drive from being so junky.
  20. Stop the press! just figured it out. I have been starting SSL from the icon on my desk top that was created by SSL when I installed it a year ago. When I started it from the Lightorama control panal in the system tray it works perfectly. Clear as mud. LOL Thanks
  21. Sequence editor is fine. it says 3.0.0 Advanced. SSL is my concern. it says (Gemini version) click on help, about "Gemini version 1.5.1" I tried to export and it said that my current version required that I have the number of ribbions set to 2 or less.
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