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  1. Just a cautionary tail, TURN ON AUTO SAVE! My computer has never crashed untill last night running S3 and visuliser, after about 4 hrs of programing and no saves. I got what i deserved, pleas turn on your AutoSave!
  2. Thanks, spent some time in the help file for auto sequencing, didn't see the animation.
  3. I am using a talking santa face, and would love it if I could use super star to animate his lips, eyes and eye brows. I have played with it a bit, but cant get it to do anything that looks like animation. I see SS has a lot of options and am hoping that some where is the one i am looking for. Can anyone help point me in the right direction, or am I trying to get SS to do something it wasn't meant to do? Thanks
  4. Well I'm back and all went well! I got the board working, still couldn't find a problem so I reheated all the solder and that fixed it. Thanks for all of your advice and support.
  5. thanks for the ideas, I'm headed to the hospital to have my gallblader removed, when thats done and I'm off pain pills I'll start resoldering.
  6. would installing the U2 Micro-processor socket backwards, cause the unit not to work? Out of 8 kits i've built this is the only 1 with a problem. I noticed I installed the socket backwards, so when in installed the microprocessor I installed it the right direction, assuming its only a socket what differance would its direction make. I just ran all the LOR suggested trouble shooting and found nothing wrong, other then it dosen't work not even an LED.
  7. I have a 64 channel version, I can e-mail to you.
  8. Is there an easy way to test the kits after they are assembled? the firat 3 I build earlier this year I hooked up to power and used a multi meter on each output to verify voltage3 times once for on, once for shimmer and once for twinkle. Is this nessicary? Can you just verify that on works and the other 2 will be ok ? I am putting together 9 kits and looking for the fastest way to test them. Thanks.
  9. Back to the original subject, it appeard they wethe assembled boards not the kits, either way the controlers are all gone now, some one took them.
  10. Thanks, saved me $80! Now to get the cm-11A, I hate e-bay. I have the license, so I won't need any other software?
  11. they will adjust it later, at least they did mine!
  12. I want to run a few things off x10 ( save some LOR channels). I cant find the interface LOR list as working with their system. Will the cm15a work with LOR ? Other then the interface and modules do I need anything else,software etc? Thanks for your help.
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