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  1. Copy Please bobbypumphrey@yahoo.com
  2. bobbypumphrey@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. bobbypumphrey@yahoo.com Ya looking for something slow but up for any idea
  4. I also Dj on the side and want to bring my LOR into my wedding light show and any help will be great......Thanks
  5. Yes each package come in 50pcs and 1000ft of SPT-2 wire
  6. It was a group buy back in Jan. and done paid for and waiting for the order to be ready to ship in end of April and I still have to pay shipping when the order is ready. Who ever buys I will have it shipped stright to your house and not mine. Hope that helps
  7. 1 ea. Inline Female "Vampire Plug" $17.55 1 ea. Male "Vampire Plug" $18.00 1 ea. Female "Vampire Plug" $17.55 1 ea. SPT-2 Wire $110.00 [line] Order # 430 Store Pickup/Send Invoice (Walk In OR Invoice Me for Shipping): $0.00 Sales Tax: Total: $163.10 **PLUS Shipping** When ever they are ready to be shipped from WLC Venture I will have them shipped stright to your house after he sends my shipping cost. What
  8. What Lights do you still have?
  9. GS saying you got 3 strings twisted together RGB LED strings 70ct at 24ft a have and also what else do you have For Sale?
  10. Carl let me know what you got and price..... mini is fine working on 3 arches for 4th of July Red,white blue arches. LED or not anything at a good price is fine...lol Thanks Bobby
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