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  1. Yes, one controller got set to Legacy mode. Changed it to normal and all my problems went away.
  2. I have 5 LOR controllers and 2 CCR's. LOR 1, 2 and CCR 3,4 and LOR 5, 6, 7. I have one song on the show. There are NO references to Unit 3. Why is my CCR 3 flashing lights on and off? CCR 3 and 4 are sharing an electrical outlet with the computer that is running the show. Linda
  3. I was thinking of firesticks too. I made mine out of PVC pipe so I didn't need to use very many strings. These on my porch used four strings of LED 5 mm dome lights that I bought for $6.99 each.
  4. Interesting thread. I've always made all my display elements in odd numbers, probably because I know that it is standard to follow when arranging home decor accessories. Never gave a thought that most music has a time signature of 4/4. I'm a much better home decorator than I am a LOR sequencer and know very little about music (I can't even carry a tune). But it makes so much sense now that I have always was short a beat before getting to the top of my firestick. I got around this by fading up and using the chase tool take the lights up the firestick. I'll have to do some thinking about t
  5. I didn't realize there were people in the car until I pulled the car out of the garage and parked directly behind it. That's when I saw the steamed up windows and the heads bopping around. The car had personalized plates... "NOEL". Linda
  6. George Simmons wrote: As I looked at Linda's picture I was thinking those exact same words, and then I scrolled down and saw that Surfing saved me the time of coming up with them for myself. Thank you! Snowflake came into mind when I decided to make the pinwheel after seeing Brian Mitchell's picture at 3 in the morning and didn't have anything to hold the candy canes in place. I had my DH make the frame out of PVC pipe the next day. We took it down today, it stores nicely hanging on the shed wall with two nails. Linda
  7. Here's mine: Our controller arrived late, so I only had 5 spare channels. Next year, each candy cane and and the snowflake in the center will have it's own channel.
  8. ItsMeBobO wrote: .....at least the car was empty, the car in front of our house contained a couple that did a really good job steaming up the windows, if you know what I'm saying. Linda
  9. Check the spacing between bulbs. You might not need as many LED strings as you did you incans. I've found that many of the incans that I used to have had only 3 inch spacing between the bulbs. All of my LEDs have a minimum of 4 inch spacing.
  10. For those who have channel sticking problems, are you sequencing on the same computer that you are running the show with? Thanks, Linda
  11. 18 minutes well spent! Not only enjoyed the music and the lights, but learned a bit about placing the elements in our yard. Thank goodness for S3, it will be easy to make some much needed adjustments in sequencing next year. Linda
  12. I like your soccer goals. Watched the video before I read the posts and I thought they looked like an igloo. I might try something similar and put my penguins in front of it.
  13. Select the first item from the "Tools" Menu, "Select". That is the same thing as pressing the blue arrow button on the Tools Panel.
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