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  1. I've been looking for certain versions of the Christmas carols and hymns. For instance, I'd like a Hark the Herald Angels Sing that has an 'aggressive' beginning instead of a softer opening(see Phil Wickham for example of soft). Does anyone have any idea which albums would be helpful? I checked through Amazon Music for the free Prime streaming and wasn't impressed.
  2. I appreciate the input, but I ended up installing Ook's vinyl coated cup hooks into the aluminum. I figure this will hold for years to come, gutter guards or not.
  3. That would work indoors, but this would be going outside in the Northeast US. It gets awfully wet and chilly out there.
  4. I have the FM transmitter, but I'd like a straight speaker to connect to the aux input. I saw Wowlights was selling a Yorkville C120P that's plug and play, but that's $150 elsewhere minimum.
  5. Any suggestions on an AC powered speaker that would work then? I'm having trouble finding something that's a basic speaker with power and aux input.
  6. Is the 3.5 mm audio port on the MP3 section of the controller powered? I'm considering using outdoor speakers that don't have their own power supply.
  7. I'm not sure how you connected S hooks. I have plastic gutter guards that "hinge" away from the house and appear to tuck under the first layer of roof tiles to hold them secure. There's no way to clip anything on that front edge. I have wood under the new aluminum, but I was liking the clean look without the hooks. I called Command, and their rep did not have a good solution for the heavier icicle lights. I tried to add a picture for clarity, but it was too large.
  8. Good Morning fellow LOR'ers. I recently had my siding, soffit, and fascia replaced and capped, so my old cup hooks are gone. I was looking for helpful suggestions on how to mount lights on the house. I do have gutter guards which do prevent putting clips in there, and I didn't get a solid feel when I tried the roof tile method. My brother used the 3M style clips around his garage door, but I don't know that they'd work in this orientation. Any thoughts?
  9. I'm concerned about using wood, seems like there's a lot of maintenance involved. I wonder if there's a metal like aluminum or a plastic option similar to what you built.
  10. I feel like I asked this a few years ago, but I'm not certain. I'm looking for an outdoor lighted box sign to display the radio frequency. Most of what I'm seeing is either wall mounted or a water/sand standing base. Is there anything that would work well in the yard and not be distracting?
  11. I'm sure there's a solution in LOR, but I noticed that other vendors offer controllers for motors they sell. Case in point, Monster Guts has several prop controllers and a media trigger. If I were so inclined, is there a way to connect these other devices to an LOR controller, or would I need to use whatever compatible LOR solutions exist for the device? One of these days, I'd like to have one of those scarecrows on a pole spin slowly, but I have yet to find a way to design it.
  12. Hi folks, I'm still learning this new controller and noticed it had a 3.5 mm port for audio. On older controllers, I had trouble with the older FM transmitter LOR used to sell. I have the updated version, but I haven't opened it yet. Has anyone successfully used the 1602 for powering the FM transmitter during the show?
  13. I tested my theory that it was something with how the show was configured, by rebuilding using the Simple Show Builder, and wham! The older box turns on. I'm going to monitor it to see if it behaves, but the next step is to see what went wrong using the Hardware Utility to build out the show. Hopefully this system works better then when I had the ELL connected to my laptop. The system would periodically stay on, not start, etc.
  14. Notes taken from my LOR ticket: I was successfully able to test each controller separately. I had connected an LED flood light to channel 1 of the LOR1062W G3 and the same light to channel 15 of the LOR1602. Both came on, though I originally had to correct the RF configuration to get comm port 3 to work(I don't understand what that is exactly, but I got around it). Additionally, they were loaded with the correct unit number in the Hardware utility. When reconnected everything as it should be, and plugged the LED in LOR1602 channel 1, nothing happened. The Sequence looks correct from the Channel Configuration. Given the fact the second box says it's seeing a signal with that red status light, I have to wonder if the way I built the show is correct. I went into the LOR Hardware tool, to the MP3 tab, selected "Plays during scheduled times", set the times, added the two animation sequences, selected "Loop through showlist continuously", and clicked create the show. When the Generation 3 option came up, I clicked that and "2" for number of ports, and then unchecked the remove header option. I'm more than happy to rebuild this show, but I need to know what I didn't do correctly.
  15. I'm reasonably certain I have a connection via ELL based on the solid red light. Is there a specific way to build out a show for the SD card if using an additional controller (especially it's older)?
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