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  1. It looks like this got me to the finish line. I updated to the latest the firmware on everything on AUX A and AUX B, and then set those two networks to 500K. Just tested the show and it is a lot smoother from what I can tell in daylight. THANK YOU! My confusion what thinking that the 500K is the Enhanced speed and needs a Pro License. Enhanced must be even faster?? Anyway, thanks again and Happy New Year.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion - but this did not make a difference. I made Com 3 the Regular and Com 6 to be AUX C. The 12 CCR tree still has issues with a lot of graphic changes. The only think I can figure is the Pro version allowing those CCR controllers to go to 500k instead of 115.4k I hate to make the $50 purchase and see that it doesn't make a difference, but that may be my only option. While considering the upgrade, I'm still open to hearing ideas how to improve things. Thanks in advance!
  3. The 4 LOR networks are at 115.4K Yes the fifth network is the E1.31 They all seem to lag a bit. I AM MISTAKEN, I DO NOT have a Pixie 8 - I was confused with different terms people are using. It is a CMB24D controller that runs 8 RGB Flood lights without problems. Detail: Network 1 REGULAR - Com 6 - Black USB485 @ 115.4K - goes to (4) CCRs Network 2 AUX A - Com 5 - Red USB485 @ 115.4K - Goes to (6) CCRs - 1st half of 12 CCR tree Network 3 AUX B - Com 4 - Red USB485 @ 115.4K - Goes to (6) CCRs - 2nd half of 12 CCR tree, then a CMB24D with 8 RGB Flood lights Network 4 AUX C - Com 3 - Black USB485 @ 115.4K - Goes to 2 AC controllers (really old metal case design around 2009?) Network 5 = LAN cable to wifi router - hard wired to a E1.31 Raspberry Pi 3 running 100 pixels. And Wifi connected to a Raspberry Pi 0 - running 4 P10 display panels for my frequency sign in STAND ALONE mode. All I know is that what ran fine last year on this setup now has big delays in my 12 CCR tree. Is just S5 the problem and I need to go Pro? I wish I could have a trial period for S5 Pro to see if this goes away before I pay $50 software upgrade. Side note - a ton of my friends want me to go to XLights and I see how LOR is working to compete - and I love the LOR support so I'd invest in LOR if this is the solution. And, I just lost my job (thank you Covid) and although $50 seems nominal, I am in penny pinching mode all of a sudden.
  4. Does S5 make the data slower? Is is possible I need to buy the Pro level to get things to look like they did in S4 show of last year? I barely got my show up this year due to the learning curve of switching over to S5 from S4, and having some CCRs go bad. So when the animations were really bad on my CCR 12 tree, I just chose to leave them until later to troubleshoot. But basically when I have a drawn image that just slides across the tree from left to right, it just displays a frame or two and you can't really even make out what the shape was. I wouldn't mind upgrading to the Pro license if it will fix this, but I'd like to avoid spending another $50 to find out nothing improved. I have a few days to play with the show now before taking it down after new year. Please let me know your thoughts and help me make an informed decision. Thank you in advance for your time. - Jay p.s. My equipment is 6 AC controllers and 12 CCR controllers varying from 2009 to 2016, and a Pixie 8 and a Rasberry Pi3 E1.31 running 100 pixels. All run through 5 networks, (2) USB485 blacks, and 2 USB485 Reds for the 12 CCR tree.
  5. When I press that button, I only have options to change Unit ID Mode, Pixel Count/Resolution, Stand alone speed, Macro options, and Channel mode to be Triples (RGB) or Sequential (RRR...., GGG..., BBB...) - No options to change RGB to other format like GBR. I think Jim is right to identify this is not a pixie equivalent. Thanks Jim for the well wishes. Yup - Outdoor setup so I will have to work the rectangular sleeve seams too.
  6. I think that is what I will have to do later today. Cut up bits of old failed ribbons to try to get a single working one......
  7. I updated the CR150D firmware to V1.19 is the latest I could see online. It installed successfully. When I click on the advanced configuration button, I get "Controller does not support Advanced Configuration Changes"
  8. I will try that after show ends. I did click on the advanced button and it said it was not supported - but I did not think to update the firmware. I'll post my results tomorrow. THANK YOU as this may save me from having to go on the roof again!
  9. Thanks for the fast feedback. This is not using a pixie controller, but the original little silver box controller that comes with a CCR purchase. CR150D. One ribbon to a controller.
  10. Over time, my CCRs fail and I try to fix them with poor results - and it takes time. So I have been buying used/older CCRs on eBay for backup. This weekend a ribbon freaked out in the middle. So I grabbed one of my other ribbons ( has a different chip layout but same LED spacing) and went on the roof and replaced it on the spot. But last night I noticed all of the colors were wrong. Through testing, I see that it is in GBR order. I have been trying to find a way to fix this in HU, SE, Preview, etc. with no good results. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Jay
  11. Thanks Matt. This was my #1 guess on which way to go. I was hoping that there was a hidden command somewhere to avoid the work. ;-) Thank you for confirming.... (rolling up sleeves now)
  12. My bad - I meant Preview. I will never make that mistake again! ;-) Thanks for the feedback!
  13. I upgraded to S5 and have set up my Visualizer to match what is in the yard - Network and channels. Some items changed to different controllers and channels based on my new yard layout from last year. When I load S4 file - there are a ton of items that are now unmatched to the visualizer file, although they are all represented in the visualizer file under different controllers and channels. What is the best way to get the old unmatched items to line up with the new items in my S5 visualizer? I know of a few ways to do this with more/less labor, but thought I would reach out to the pros for a hope to save some time. Thank you in advance for you help and direction. Jay
  14. Thank you Don - this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I hate to post repetitive questions, but I did spend a fair amount of time searching on my own before I posted here. Thank you again!
  15. Thank you for this thinking and suggestion. I will use it when I reconfigure. I should probably get another red adapter too.
  16. I'm looking for a list to see what options I have with the hardware I already own. Last sequence I did is really jittery/delayed and I am looking in to options. Maybe just upgrade my firmware first and see if LOR G3 solves it. Maybe I upgrade to Pro License and use Enhanced network? Maybe I do something else. My show is somewhat small and my setup is described below. Thank you for showing me where a compatibility list is, or offering any advice. - Jay Running Windows 10, LOR 5.5.6 Advanced I am on 3 networks. Com port, network, adapter, order of units on network line with their channel #s. Com3- 10 Units on Regular Network - 115.4k - Standard - USB485 (black) = 03 - CTB16PC Ver 4.40, 05 - CTB16D Ver 4.40, 31 - CMB24D Ver 1.02, 06 - CTB16D Ver 4.40, 16 - CR150D Ver 1.07, 18 - CR150D Ver 1.06, 01 - CTB16PC Ver 4.40, 02 - CTB16PC Ver 4.40, 13 - CR150D Ver 1.07, 15 - CR150D Ver 1.06 Com 4 - 5 units on AUXA Network - 115.4k - USB485HS (red) = 41 - F50UV Ver 1.04, 21 - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 23 - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 25 - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 26 - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 27 - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 42 - F50UV Ver 1.04 Com 5 - AUX B Network - Lowered to 57.6k from 115.4k - USB485HS (red) = 17 - CR150D Ver 1.06, 14 - CR150D Ver 1.17, 07 - CTB16D Ver 4.32
  17. That is correct "Advanced" and probably why I can't select the enhanced option. I'll have to look in to the "Pro" benefits, costs and requirements of an enhanced network. Feel free to chime in with opinions on why I should upgrade to Pro.
  18. Thanks and noted. However, I am not sure i am using motion effects. I am still sequencing the traditional way and cutting and pasting sequence from superstar to CCD channels.
  19. 1. Thank you 2. Yes, during sequencing. Example: I made a simple chase on 12 AC channels over 1.2seconds ( 0.1s ON and 0.1s fade down and staggered it 0.1s for each channel) and copy/paste to the end of the sequence and it took several minutes to process that paste. Also, it took around 7 minutes to save the file to a jump drive. 3. What I gain is only having to put the sequence in one line as opposed to 50. And sometimes LR is up to 10 and I only have to do up to the first ten lines. This not only is easy to program and see in sequencer, but I imagine it is less data on the network as I think the controller processes it at the lights.
  20. 1. First and most important, I noticed that in S5 there is a huge delay in my songs first time playing as it builds a sequence file. My solution was to check a box to build them all before running the show = many minute delay in startup. (so I just start my scheduler many minutes earlier and the show actually will start on time after building the files instead of in-between shows.) Is there a better/different way to do this? My only issue is if I want to update a show/song during showtime, I will have to shut down the show and people sit in the dark for 5 minutes until files are built again. 2. What are the largest file size you have in shows? I recently used instant sequence in Superstar and ended up with a 141Mb sequence that my computer seems to really struggle with. Any comments/tips welcome. 3. Still scratching my head on those CCRs not showing right in the preview while using Logical Resolution (LR) set to 1 so I can use the whole strip as a single RGB light. The preview only lights the first pixel and the actual lights only illuminate the first pixel during showtime - but strangely light the whole strip after the first time playing. Thanks for continually sharing your thoughts. #3 I have posed about already and am working on prior tips to try, but I thought I would mention it again. But I am primarily looking for thoughts on #1 and #2. Cheers and happy holidays, Jay
  21. I'm in a bind trying to make a sequence for my kids before I take down my Halloween display next week. So I used the Instant Sequence feature for 8 strands of 50 pixel CCPs. After importing in to S5 Sequencer, things are REALLY slow and I noticed the file size of the sequence for a 2 minute song is 141Mb. Other than a super sluggish SE program, are there other concerns I should be having? How big are your largest file sizes? Thank you for your time in advance!
  22. Sorry I did not respond to this sooner. I have three networks with the info shown above in a later post. The enhanced network question has me interested. Upon looking up my network configuration, that option is grayed out. I did a first look in help and did not find how I do enhanced network. I have some reservation on an enhanced network since a lot of my equipment is older. Feel free to expand on how the enhanced network or other item might be my issue and how I can attempt to try changes.
  23. Thanks guys - I will work to submit a ticket at some point in the future. It's kinda easier right now just to let the show be wrong through the first cycle of the day and then it works fine afterwards. As soon as I find the time...... thanks again!
  24. Super smart of you to see that! But it's not where my problem is. Funny though you see that! When I first got the controllers like 7 or 8 years ago, I set them up to have 2 IDs and you are RIGHT to think that is why they are numbered that way. I had them all in a row end-to-end in a 400 long pixel display. But then for some reason I switched to single ID's and I kept the the start at 21. Unit 21 1-150 is first strand, 10 macros commands, and then strand 2 is 161-310, and 10 more macros. I just kept the odd numbers. But last year I moved to a house where I had to split the display in half. (nearly) my 8 strands got split to 5 on the left and 3 on the right. controller 25 was too far to make an extension. So I use controller 25 s1 on the left and added a controller 26 on the right and only use s2. that has worked perfectly for 2 years now. But I'm still impressed at your deductions!!! My problem is actually 4 CCRs on the Regular network, and 2CCRs on the AUX B. All 6 light the lights fully in sequencer, but the preview is showing only the first pixel on. (ignoring my macro command to have pixel 1 represent the whole strip) When I play them in show, for the first pass, the physical lights looks like what is in the sequencer - only the first pixel. But on their second time and thereafter, they light fully and work like I programmed them. I threw in the verifier info because this was the first year I used it. But when I scan the networks in HU, it comes up with the right number of controllers and they are all the correct addresses as referenced in my sequence. No duplicates for sure.
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