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  1. Thank you Don - this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I hate to post repetitive questions, but I did spend a fair amount of time searching on my own before I posted here. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you for this thinking and suggestion. I will use it when I reconfigure. I should probably get another red adapter too.
  3. I'm looking for a list to see what options I have with the hardware I already own. Last sequence I did is really jittery/delayed and I am looking in to options. Maybe just upgrade my firmware first and see if LOR G3 solves it. Maybe I upgrade to Pro License and use Enhanced network? Maybe I do something else. My show is somewhat small and my setup is described below. Thank you for showing me where a compatibility list is, or offering any advice. - Jay Running Windows 10, LOR 5.5.6 Advanced I am on 3 networks. Com port, network, adapter, order of u
  4. That is correct "Advanced" and probably why I can't select the enhanced option. I'll have to look in to the "Pro" benefits, costs and requirements of an enhanced network. Feel free to chime in with opinions on why I should upgrade to Pro.
  5. Thanks and noted. However, I am not sure i am using motion effects. I am still sequencing the traditional way and cutting and pasting sequence from superstar to CCD channels.
  6. 1. Thank you 2. Yes, during sequencing. Example: I made a simple chase on 12 AC channels over 1.2seconds ( 0.1s ON and 0.1s fade down and staggered it 0.1s for each channel) and copy/paste to the end of the sequence and it took several minutes to process that paste. Also, it took around 7 minutes to save the file to a jump drive. 3. What I gain is only having to put the sequence in one line as opposed to 50. And sometimes LR is up to 10 and I only have to do up to the first ten lines. This not only is easy to program and see in sequencer, but I imagine it is less data on
  7. 1. First and most important, I noticed that in S5 there is a huge delay in my songs first time playing as it builds a sequence file. My solution was to check a box to build them all before running the show = many minute delay in startup. (so I just start my scheduler many minutes earlier and the show actually will start on time after building the files instead of in-between shows.) Is there a better/different way to do this? My only issue is if I want to update a show/song during showtime, I will have to shut down the show and people sit in the dark for 5 minutes until files are built
  8. I'm in a bind trying to make a sequence for my kids before I take down my Halloween display next week. So I used the Instant Sequence feature for 8 strands of 50 pixel CCPs. After importing in to S5 Sequencer, things are REALLY slow and I noticed the file size of the sequence for a 2 minute song is 141Mb. Other than a super sluggish SE program, are there other concerns I should be having? How big are your largest file sizes? Thank you for your time in advance!
  9. Sorry I did not respond to this sooner. I have three networks with the info shown above in a later post. The enhanced network question has me interested. Upon looking up my network configuration, that option is grayed out. I did a first look in help and did not find how I do enhanced network. I have some reservation on an enhanced network since a lot of my equipment is older. Feel free to expand on how the enhanced network or other item might be my issue and how I can attempt to try changes.
  10. Thanks guys - I will work to submit a ticket at some point in the future. It's kinda easier right now just to let the show be wrong through the first cycle of the day and then it works fine afterwards. As soon as I find the time...... thanks again!
  11. Super smart of you to see that! But it's not where my problem is. Funny though you see that! When I first got the controllers like 7 or 8 years ago, I set them up to have 2 IDs and you are RIGHT to think that is why they are numbered that way. I had them all in a row end-to-end in a 400 long pixel display. But then for some reason I switched to single ID's and I kept the the start at 21. Unit 21 1-150 is first strand, 10 macros commands, and then strand 2 is 161-310, and 10 more macros. I just kept the odd numbers. But last year I moved to a house where I had to split the di
  12. Maybe when I have time after the season, I could crack open the box and measure something or measure voltage on the output pins?
  13. Just making sure - you are saying the sequence will control the lights perfectly, but the show will not control the lights perfectly? And wouldn't that be consistent? I mean, the sequences play PERFECTLY in show mode after one cycle through the show. It's ONLY a problem on the first pass and on the CCRs using the logical resolution macro. (I set LR to 1 and just light the whole CCribbon to one color as defined in pixel 1) This just seems like a bug in how the files are made in show mode. - I had long delays between songs, so I have it build/load them all right at the sta
  14. Every year I make a new year folder and all of the sequences are updated and have their names changed too with the year and holiday in them. Then I create a new show from scratch because that is easier than deleting all of the prior shows first. First thing I do is open last year's files, and immediately "save as" to a new year folder, a new file name with the new year and at v0.
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