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  1. Enable Channel effects or add a Motion Effect Row.
  2. So, I upgraded to W 11 yesterday. The upgrade took about two hours and after multiple restarts came up looking pretty much like my W10 desktop. Taskbar is a little different and, wait for it, the dialogs have ROUNDED CORNERS, gasp. Control Panel started up with Windows as normal and a quick test show ran fine under MIIP. Sequencer and Preview work OK and the USB adaptors work. My E1.31, LOR and my DMX physical lights all work. MIIP and Tinyrds are both working normally. So far pretty much a do about nothing. Keep you posted.
  3. If you edit a Preview or make a change to a sequence in a running show the show will detect the change and have to recreate the playback files for the changed sequence before it plays again which will cause a short delay while they write. If you save a sequence under a new name you will have to remove the original from the show and add the new filename andctessve the show This will cause a restart of the show and the recreation of the playback files. These playback files are stored on a hidden folder.
  4. I don't do any metrics on my traffic but all the controllers I am aware of won't even do Gb speeds. E1.31 data is about a quarter Mb per s per Universe, I have 45 universes spread over 10 controllers and I know people with a lot more. No problems that I see. Incidentally, my PC is allowed access to the internet all the time partly because it is my daily driver even during show time, and also because I use Miip to allow my guests to select which song plays next through their phone. it is a bit of a beast though, at least when I built it 3 yrs ago.
  5. On my desktop I use a separate NIC (<$20) to run my E1.31 and the onboard NIC for the home network. Simple, keeps everything separate. On a laptop the WiFI is usually configured for the home net side and the wired port can be on a separate subnet for the lights. No router required but I use dumb switches to split the ethernet to various controllers.
  6. What file, including the extension are you clicking on and in what folder.
  7. Nothing to do with the LOR software. The CPU is shutting down. Sleep has always been unreliable and Hibernation even more so. Turn it off in your power settings and just sleep the monitor. When I get a new PC or OS, the first thing I do is disable both sleep and hibernation.
  8. I think we are "those people", Jim.🙂
  9. And if someone arrives when nothing is happening they will just drive on. As Don says though it's your call.
  10. Just download the max version your licence allows or nearest one below.
  11. The directors audio out is a 1/8 inch headphone type jack. It carries line level audio, just like any audio component. You need an amp or receiver and passive speakers or self powered speakers. This is an example of something that might work, I have never used it. LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8" Portable PA System 100-Watt RMS Power Active Speaker System Equalizer Bluetooth SD Slot USB MP3 XLR 1/4" 1/8" 3.5mm Inputs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017TIA1RC/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_9R0V5JD3RF8QZS18YFME?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Most speakers designed for desktop computers would also work. If they are not waterproof you can protect them with a black garbage bag. You will need a stereo cable with a 1/8 in headphone style plug on one end, and the appropriate plug on the other end for the speaker. There are no "power constraints". It is line level audio. As I said above I used a boom box in a garbage bag for several seasons Here is the director manual. https://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/G3-MP3_Man_Web.pdf Page 9 details the audio jack The aux port is for external triggers and has nothing to do with the audio
  12. I don't believe the 1602WG3 has an audio output, so only non musical Animation sequences can be used in the Stand Alone SD card mode. If you are running from a PC then it will be line level audio and you will either need an amplifier, receiver or powered speakers or something like a boombox with an aux input. You need to figure what you have and tell us for an accurate answer.
  13. I have used a laptop on occasion, but much prefer a desktop, more easily upgraded, expanded, and you can have multiple monitors which makes sequencing so much nicer. The FM radios will be fine provided they give you enough volume for your location. For many years I used an old boombox wrapped in a black garbage bag.
  14. Try this new document from LOR. https://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/MovingHeadLights-S5.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3y0ZOWHR5weLhFrThKrhxEUtnipZlnVmdDbuid-HEDTxdgMRc_VXXmCK8 Did you make a crossover cable from the adaptor to the fixture. I am controlling 7 moving heads with one LOR adaptor and a simple RJ45 to XLR crossover as detailed in the pdf. If you can't get it, you can pm me for more info.
  15. If it has a 1/8th inch audio jack, you need powered speakers, similar to speakers used on your PC. It will be line level stereo audio. List the exact model for more info.
  16. If anyone just wants to know if their machines are Win 11 capable, download and run the MS PC Health Check App, Here. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11#pchealthcheck I built mine almost three years ago and with a bit of tinkering it's now ready to go.
  17. Updated my UEFI/Bios, turned on TPM. Changed the boot drive to GUID boot manager and finally got Secure Boot to turn on. Downloaded and ran the PC Health check, and got the OK to update to Win11. Phew..... Now I just have to wait for MS to offer it.
  18. Difficult to say what's going on, but you should NEVER copy the actual program files usually found in the programfilesx86/LOR folder. All the data files in YOUR data folder should be copied to the same location on your 2nd PC. Whenever you install always use the default location for the program files. When you first start up any of the lor programs after a fresh install it should ask you to point to your data folder. Again always use the same location on both machines. Anytime you need to change the location of the data folder you can run Lorpost.exe which you can find in the programfilesx86/lor folder. In Sequencer under Sequencer/File References you will find info on the file locations. Compare for the two machines.
  19. Ducks may be right about the file permission. but if that doesn't work try this. Sometimes after a rollback to S4 there are some leftover files in the \Programfiles X86\LOR folder, assuming it still exists in W11. Uninstall S4, delete \Programfiles X86\LOR, reboot and reinstall. If you still have issues since you are one of the first on W11, a Help Desk Ticket might be in order.
  20. This series of videos is a great place to learn about S5. Here are a few examples relevant to your question.
  21. You can just cut them off. It will void your warranty though, and you might want to heat shrink the ends.
  22. Hi, Ron. The lorprev file is an S5 exported preview file. S4 can't use it.
  23. Please don't call the cat 5 an Ethernet cable. In this application the cat 5 goes from the LOR USB adaptor to your controller. The adaptor is not Ethernet and is only to be connected to the USB port. Calling it Ethernet may cause someone to connect their controller to the computers Ethernet port which may let the magic smoke out. In any case to test the video in a sequence the controller need not be connected. Have you created a sequence with the video file set as the media file. Simply playing the sequence should show the video. Now you will need to create the sequence to match the audio in the video.
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