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  1. I would look at the mobile black box (www.mobileblackbox.com) It's a solid unit. I bought the Eclipse 4000, but it looks like the V6000 is another solid unit.
  2. That did the trick. And now that you mention it, I have seen that before. However, thanks for the gracious reply.
  3. I am trying to sequence a song, and every time I hit play (from selection) it always jumps back in the song track approximately 3-4 seconds, and the music and my selections don't match up. However, when I go to the beginning and play it all the way through the timing is perfect. I don't want to have to watch it from the beginning each time I make a change to make sure it is right. Has anyone seen this before? Suggestions?
  4. That's very nice. Thanks for the link!
  5. I wouldn't mind this one either. I was just getting ready to start it, but would love to see how others have done it. vonnernix (gmail) (.com)
  6. That's a great idea. I'll check Home Depot tomorrow to see what they have. Right now I have both legs running into the same GFCI outlet. Hopefully by splitting them up the problem will be solved......temporarily.
  7. Is there any easy way to determine which elements are contributing the most to the GFCI problem? Every time it rains here it trips my GFCIs. I tried to go out and and systematically figure out which ones caused the problem, but it seemed random (sound like the incremental load problem described above) My display consists of string lights only. I don't have any wireframes, but I do have some strings along my bushes in the front, near the ground.
  8. I bought a mobile black box and it rocks. I forget the model (maybe 400 or 4000 something). I am very happy with it. Sound quality is great. I just need to find a longer stereo cord so I can get it away from the rest of my equipment and reduce the minimal interference caused by it.
  9. That's a great idea. I found out that what I thought was the correct timing is not. My show is running long by about 2 minutes each. So at the end of the night it's way off. I only figured out what was wrong from the status log. It would be awesome if it could be included in the Show Editor, just have a running total time of show.
  10. Thanks Darryl. I knew there was a post install tool, but I didn't see it in Start>Programs>LOR, so I forgot to look in the actual folder.
  11. I have 1 computer dedicated to running shows, with no monitor. I VPN into it to control things. I have installed LOR onto a different computer to program sequences. I mapped the folder to the dedicated computer to my programming computer so I just program sequences on to the dedicated computer directly, instead of having to transfer them over after they are finished. Now every time I open LOR it says Z:Sequences cannot be found...even if the dedicated computer is turned on. Is there any way I can change the place it looks for sequences? Also, I cannot change the location of the Media File. It simply says "Invalid Filename". So I have to create a new sequence and copy timings and info to the new file. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix these 2 errors? Or possibly a better way to make sure all sequences work fine when transferred between the 2 computers?
  12. -klb- wrote: This is how I would recommend to do it as well. Just sequence everything, then add 32 more channels with the new ID and copy what you just sequenced to the new channels.
  13. I would be very interested as well. I probably won't use them this year, because I don't have the pumpkins, but plan on hitting up all the clearance sales soon. It will also give me a chance to get an idea of how they look. Please send to vonnernix on gmail Very much appreciated.
  14. Wow, I would certainly be interested in both the 15 and the 30 channels. I am starting to work on a 4th display, but most likely will not get it fully ready until next year. vonnernix (gmail)
  15. Video removed? I'd be interested in the song as well.
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