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  1. Interested in checking this out ace_master@hotmail.com Thanks!
  2. Can you send me a copy to check out? ace_master@hotmail.com Thank you
  3. Hey guys, I've entered a contest with The Home Depot Canada, and I need to be in the top 10 by the end of this week, or I'm not eligible. I'm about 100 votes behind right now. Here is the link to the contest (you will need to Like their page to cast vote... once you've liked the Home Depot's Facebook page... come back and click the link again to see my entry). This is the picture Ive entered of my display in the midst of setting this years light up. If you can not see content, or cast vote. Please try using another browser.
  4. Would like to check it out too please and thank you! ace_master@hotmail.com
  5. Well I've got a new solution if all else fails.... I was having problems on my first controller on a line, so I unplugged everything after it, and still had problems (thank goodness, because I have about 20 controllers I'd have to check!)... figured I'd replace the Cat6 cable going from the computer->outside and it would fix everything... This did nothing! GRRR.... after another 45 minutes of fiddling around in below freezing temperatures (with viral LARYNGITIS, I might add (Don't get it, it sucks)). I restarted the computer mid-show, and problems persisted immediately as show initialized again. THE SOLUTION: I swapped USB ports on my computer from a 3.0 port to a 2.0 hub and everything now works fine. (I don't know why all of a sudden that port decided to go all wonky after a full month of working perfectly, but I didn't see a single channel stick after changing it). On a side note... I do have a controller from last year that I had to replace because it just refused to work properly no matter what cable, usb, or computer i was connecting it to... I believe that there is a problem with the solder points on the board somewhere. Figured there was no point in opening up a help ticket after November, as there was probably much more urgent issues for others to have fixed and I didn't need this controller in my show this year.
  6. My display ran fine all of December, and now on New Years Eve, I'm getting multiple channels flashing and turning off at random. Including my "TUNE TO" sign, and the power source for my inflatable motors. GRR. I had a new song ready for tonight show too!!
  7. Has this been implemented in any way yet? A channel list for my 16 controllers would be extremely helpful. That's 256 channels to sort though, not including 6 CCD's (another 900 channels, lol).
  8. He came recomended to me as well. I'm wondering if those prizes he donated at C3 were part of my order, lol. I do have a dispute open with PayPal, but havn't heard back from them since it was opened. When opening the dispute, it said that I could not message the seller, and that I had to go directly to filing a claim... at which point I typed in details leading up to the claim, and it said that they were going to get in contact with the seller, to resolve the matter. Sure hope that means "get your money back". Anyone have a link to that facebook post where he admitted to being over his head with the orders/company? I would like to know when and how he is going to make up for these issues.
  9. I certainly did... I placed a pretty substantial order in April, and still have not received it... April - Order placed May - He says shipment has still not shipped because an item was not in stock at time of order. June - He says order has been shipped and he would send tracking information (never did). July - He claims order was stuck in customs and that correct paperwork was faxed for items to be released. he also says I will get a partial refund for my troubles (never did). Aug - He claims order has been lost in stansition, and that a new order would be shipped to me. That I was to wait for further tacking information. That was the last I heard from him after several attempts to get a responce... The lighting of the Christmas lights is now about 1 month away, and I am missing about 1/2 of my new stuff for this year!! There are rumors that others have had problems with him going off the radar, but I havn't found any specific posts by anyone. Has anyone else had similar issues with him?
  10. Bump Did you ever end up using this song in your display? Do you have a video? Here is mine...I didn't put it in the show until boxing day. (Youtube Link) http://youtu.be/kJcG4Zav/&hl=en&fs=1
  11. Thanks for your reply guys... I`m going to report back to the town and see what they want to do. I`d really hate to use store bought extension cords, as you always end up with a bundle of extra cord at the end of almost every channel. It will also be hard finding lots of different lengths in only green or black cords, to keep things visually hidden.
  12. I've been asked to design, sequence, and implement an animated light show for my towns 'Festival Of Lights' at the Civic Center. I met with the town this morning to go over budgets, and discuss my plans. I was notified that all extension cords used in the display must be CSA approved... I had planned on using lamp cord for my cords up until I heard this. Is there such a thing out there as CSA approved lamp cord, and connectors?? Preferably not too expensive, as we are already at the tip of our budget for this first years show. I'm going to need 3000-4000 feet of cord, and about 80 male and 80 female ends.
  13. Looks great William. I have the same e681, 500w power, enclosure, and will be using rays 4 pin connectors too. Wasn't sure how I was going to mount everything, but you've certainly inspired me with the plexiglass and aluminum method. Still don't know what I'm going to do about programming the damn thing though, lol.
  14. Mark J. M. wrote: I was wondering the same thing... I thought they reduced and sold out all the gen 2 kits in the fall. I much prefer to solder my own boards. I hope the kits are Gen3 now.
  15. ItsMeBobO wrote: Holy crap, so many displays so close together!
  16. Would also like to say that Doug is awesome! everyone loved my flying Santa and Reindeer frames for 2011.
  17. pstigerfan wrote: Ouch about the UPS Brokerage fee. What exactly is that for anyway? I assumed that the shipping cost would cover everything. Even though I hate UPS, I'll sure use them everyday compared to the USPS. Any shipment that UPS brings in to Canada gets this treatment. Sometimes Canadians end up paying 80% of the value of the shipment in UPS fees... you never know what to expect until it comes across the border, and by then you either pay the fee or forfeit the package.
  18. Just got my order Got bent over for a $750 UPS brokerage fee.:shock: I sure hate UPS! But sure love CDIs products! Thanks Paul!
  19. Aaron Maue wrote: They aren't actually "RGB icicles"... I zip tied 24 strings of red green and blue together at every bulb. I looked into using RGB nodes, but it would have been a nightmare dealing with power supplies every so many feet to keep things going steady... maybe down the road when I have more time to spare, I'll convert to legit RGB and sell my hacked RGB icicle strings.
  20. I still have stuff to take down... probably about 2 hours worth (200ft of icicle lights, controllers, and all my network/speaker/extension cords). Was going to take the icicle lights down last month while everything was still frozen in the ground, but I decided I'm going to use them for my St Patrick's Day song (they are RGB).
  21. I love the way you have the clovers on the left in a wave pattern... gives them a lot of personality. I'm still working on my clover wireframes... all the steel is bent to shape, just need to weld them together, paint them, and then wrap them in rope light
  22. edvas69 wrote The way I have and many other have done is pay through PayPal, ray will combine shipping and send you and invoice with the PayPal details. I agree... contact Ray via a product through the store and tell him what you are interested in ordering. You will in all likelihood begin communicating through direct e-mails with him to place your order.
  23. But for $1 more... you can have full control over 100 Cosmic Color Bulbs! That's right folks... for a limited time only... $9,999! (shipping, handling, and taxes not included).
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