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  1. LED 1 blinks once/sec like it should LED 2 is dark -- not blinking when data is sent LED 3 is also dark (as it should be) I agree it's time for a ticket.
  2. I've tired 3 controllers, one CTB16PC, and two LOR1602W. I've used different cables, and my spare ELL works when plugged into any of those controllers as well. If the ELL were dead I would not expect to be able to communicate with it when directly plugged into my PC, which I can. It's almost as if it it ignoring the configuration in favor of some made up values for operation, yet reporting the same settings that it was configured for to the Hardware utility.
  3. I've got two pair of ELL RF-v5 (purchased in 2015) I'm only using three, and this year one of the three doesn't seem to function correctly. If I plug it directly into my USB-RS485 the Hardware Utility (HU) sees it just fine, I can use the HU to change the configuration and it reads back properly. WIth the configuration set to match the other two, I then plug it into one one my controllers and the led in the controller continues to blink. Swapping with the 4th as as of yet unused ELL and the light will blink. Is my ELL dead, or is there a way to recover it from whatever state it has gotten into?
  4. Here's what microsoft has to say:
  5. I wired all of the CAT5 cables 1 to 8 (White/Orange, Orange, White/Green, Green, White/Blue, Blue, White/Brown, Brown) without crossing over 4 and 6. I know standard ethernet had trouble if you do not swap 4 & 6. Re do your cables in this order and see if it helps.
  6. Sorry to see you go Sarge. Wish I had known about this a while back. I just purchased lights for the local Middle School and am teacing the kids how to sequence so they can sequence a show that the Orchestra will play to live in May. Maybe I can convince one of my neighbors to take your setup off your hands
  7. Will the Pixel editor import a portion of a Sequence Editor file and let you export it to an intensity file? I thought I read that somewhere.
  8. @k6ccc I wanted to something similar with my CCB eves: I start with all 20% Red, then one random pixel fades up to 100% white for half a second then fades for a half second down to 20% green. Repeat until all pixels are green. Repeat from Green to White then White back to red. I ended up writing a program that would output a Sequence Editor clipboard file that I could paste into my sequence. If you open to using the Sequence Editor & a clipboard file to accomplish this. It fairly straightforward to modify the program to do this for 12 50 pixel strands instead of the 4 it does now. The modify it to start with green and end with green after the flash of one of the 7 colors, making sure to hit every pixel once If you are interested let me know and I'll share the clipboard file, once I modify the program. edit: How many simultaneous twinkles, and how far apart and how long are each twinkle?
  9. I'm using an old computer & monitor (monitor placed in a glass front box and put on a 2nd floor balcony) the computer runs a power point / keynote / google doc presentation with alternating slides "Heat the lights" and "Tuine to 89.9 FM". I've got all on a timer to turn on before the show starts and off well afterwards. I use drop box to send a file from my show computer that tells the sign computer to power off. It deletes the file then powers off, so that when the timer really turns off the power it's already off. When power comes back the computer boot up and starts displaying the presentation.
  10. You might try switching out the cat-5/6 cables, Though I would suspect a bad cable would stop communication down the rest of the line. Do the cat-5/6 cabled run in a bundle for the computer? maybe there is cross talk? Do they run next to a high voltage power line? Are the USB to RS-485 connectors using a USB hub, if so try plugging one of the bad networks into the computer directly, if that works replace the bub or perhaps the hub is overwhelmed and you need to move to more than one. ... and with that I'm out of ideas.
  11. For me 75% of my Halloween lights are also 50% of my Christmas lights, so I'm 50% wit Christmas by the end of October. I'm very careful not to turn on any lights in November, because the elves told me that for every set of christmas lights turned on before Thanksgiving a baby reindeer dies. I do have it on good authority though, that testing before Thanksgiving will not result in any reindeer fawns going "missing".
  12. I had a 67 mustang and for the last 10 years I owned it, it was in the garage with either battery or carb problems which were a direct result of it not getting out of the garage on a regular basis. I finally sold it 4 years ago, your post brings back memories of it covered in it's car cover and empty card board boxes waiting to be recycled.
  13. Mine is hanging from the 2nd story peak of the roof, and ends before it blocks access to the garage.
  14. How about create the following shows: Music. Static. Schedule the music show to run every hour on the hour. Set it's end time shorter than the show's length, the schedule will NOT interrupt a musical sequence. Schedule the static show to run start at the early end of the musical sequence and to end on the hour. If I recall correctly the schedule will interrupt an animation sequence (you static sequence). Then again do what almost Orville does: 4:30-5:00 slow fade animation 5:00-9:00 (10:00 fri/sat) music show on repeat 9:00 (10:00 fri/sat) - midnight slow fade. My show starts on time at 5:00, the slow fade happens after the first music sequence that ends after 9:00/(10:00 fri/sat)
  15. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/39055-bug-fix-releases-3124-4040-and-414-released/#entry358212
  16. I've not encountered the issue, however I use ItsMeBobo's MIIP program which rewrites the show file which causes it to reload, thus no need for the repeat. I do see the Chinese characters every so often though, and its usually after there is a lot of data in the log window, which makes me thing of a buffer overrun in the log data itself. LORDEVS: I can reproduce the Chinese characters at will (v4.3.2): 1) set up a show with one sequence 2) delete/rename the sequence 3) run the show on demand. log fills with errors and eventually Chinese.
  17. If you are using compressed sequences, try using the sequence compressor to manually compress all the sequences. (Don't forget to check the Force compression ... box. I had one sequence that was not executing the windows command, and this fixed it.
  18. It's OK, I'll give her a jacket and a tablet with Netflix. I see one on sale right now for $59, but it's 12v
  19. I use a block and tackle approach to pull mine up: Rope start on the tree head to a double pulley at the top, back down to a pulley on the tree and back up to the double pulley on top and back down again to me. Each loop of the rope reduces the weight needed on the pulling end to counter the weight of the tree. I've been thinking of putting a wench up top, may I ask what wench you are using? And once you have it up will you use the wench to keep it up or are us securing with another mechanism?
  20. Yes yes. My first car was a 67 Mustang that slowly became a "Little Red" replica. After 25 years I had to sell it It was spending too much time under a car cover, and someone needed to be enjoying it. Now it cruses around Pebble Beach.
  21. Bolts: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FN1ZZQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Nuts: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009EEXCIU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  22. I went with a bit that would just allow the bolts to go through. Great idea if you drill with a drill press and have perfectly straight holes. I didn't use a drill press and I would up increasing the hole closest to the nut by an additional size, after the difficulty I had assembling it the second time. After that it's much easier to get the bolts through that second hole. Oh and for the tube with the head of the bold drill the top hole big enough for the bolt head to go inside the tube, so the head of the bolt is out of your way when putting the pixels on.
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