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  1. Thank you for your ideas on this, We finally figured it out today, thanks to my friend who ran a TV shop for about 20 years. We put a 100uf capacitor across the channel, and that worked. Needless to say I was amazed, but he said something about the pulse width modulation and the capacitor storing up the power to give it a full 12v to the solenoid. Strange fix, but it works. I am still confused of why it worked for a long time, then didn't. But we have a fix and all is well. Thanks again for your taking time to help troubleshoot. Paul
  2. Do you mean fried the solenoid? Not sure about the catch diode. It does have an led near where the power comes in. The LED lights up ok.
  3. I have a problem my partner and I have been troubleshooting for a couple of days. I have a CMB16D-QC that had been running for several years. It runs a 12v Solenoid (for pneumatics on my snowman) Suddenly last year it stopped working. We replaced the solenoid and same issue. What happens is that a signal is sent to the controller board and nothing happens. The solenoid works with the manual switch on it. The light on the solenoid lights up when a signal is applied and the solenoid makes a low humming sound. But the signal from the computer will not activate the solenoid. We found the
  4. Dennis, thank you so much for the quick response, that looks like it did it! I really appreciate your help, Paul
  5. I am setting up my E682 with 5 arches of 125 pixels each. I set up LOR to be Universes 4-8. I just want each arch to be on its own Universe, with Channel 1 starting on each Universe. On the E682 board, I am using slots 1-1 through 1-4, and 2-1. Having a bit of difficultly understanding how to set that up in the E682 Screen. I read the manual, and it says use a UNIVERSE command, but the 4.051 firmware does not seem to allow you to type in more than two characters. It is probably something simple that I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  6. Hey Gang, I was looking for some feedback on Windows 10 and how well it works with LOR. I am building a new system, and my main interest is how well it works with the software. Thanks
  7. I really like the Pixel editor from what I have seen and played with. I want to get an early start this year on using it and adding some arches along with several other pixel elements I already have in the display. I am going to have 5 new arches across the driveway. 100 pixels on each arch. What I am looking for is what would be the best way to set this up in the pixel editor. I would like them to act like a grid even though I know it is not a great grid, I would like to be able to program across all the pixels. I tried setting it up as 5 - 100 pixel arches individual and grouping them,
  8. Ron, Thank you so much for your quick reply! I really appreciate your help and sharing your hard work. Paul
  9. Hey Ron, could you share the Coro RGB candy cane again, I could really use that. Thanks, Paul
  10. We are running 352 Channels LOR, 3 DC Controllers, 1 Servo Dog, 2 DMX Universes with RGB Intelligent & Dumb Pixels. Everything is LED. We have an animated snowman that talks and moves running on Pneumatics and servos. We start setting up on the first weekend in November and start running the show Thanksgiving night. If you have any questions or would like to stop by during setup, let me know. Paul Lebanon, OR
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