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  1. Do you see the floods strobe in sequence editor during playback? I don't see anything but I'm assuming that doesn't work
  2. Can anyone explain to me how you get the CF50 strobe effect programmed in S5. According to the CF50D User guide you have to set the intensity levels for channels 4 and 5. I have tried a number of combinations without success. At least with playback in the sequencer. Running version 5.5.10 Pro
  3. I have the same issue. Tested two different CCB100 controllers both with the settings set to match the screen shot. Controller is on an enchanced network. Controllers works fine with hardware utility but second string blinks. Using S5.3.8 Pro I have added prop multiple times to sequencer. Tried same ID for second string and ID +1 results are the same. First string works fine. S2 flashes
  4. Matt, All the floods are added. Now what?
  5. Besides shimmer or a motion effect is there an easy way in S5 to turn on/enable strobe effect on a CF50D? For example pick a color and then turn "Strobe ON" on?
  6. wrohdejr, I'm having the exact same problem (1-CCR, 2-CCB, 1-CTB16, 1-CMB24.) Last year zero issues. This year having "phantom" lights issues. I have replaced all previus network cable that I used last year with shielded cat 5e, Purchased new US485B adapter, Flashed all controllers (in the very cold), installed new laptop (saw post with bad USB port) all with no change. Yesterday I was doing some more trouble shooting and tried disconnecting the cat 5 from the USB and got the same result you did. I did some other things like changing the order the controllers are connected, and created a blank sequence to schedule when show is done. Again same result. My CTB16 channel one and 2 randomly turn on and Ch 1-3 on my CMB24 also turn on. I have been trolling the forums for a few week and it looks like the number of phantom lights cases are growing. I suspect the new CMB24 controller but cannot prove anything yet.
  7. I use to have humming as well. This year I have shielded audio cable and the humming went away
  8. I installed shielded Cat 5e with no change. Today I disconnected the ethernet cable from USB485B and the phantom lights stopped. I shutdown the laptop and phantom stopped. I swaped out the 485b and filtered USB cable (no change) and I swapped the laptop out (still no change). As soon as USB port gets power the phantom lights begin. I created a blank animation sequence thinking that an "off command" might supress the phantom. I'll have to wait until after the show tonight to test If anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears eyes. To clarify the shielded cat 5e connects all controllers and the USb485b to the network. Could changing the network speed help?
  9. I have been having issues with phantom lights across all my controllers and channels. I have opened a ticket and LOR thinks its noise/interference. I haven't been able to isolate the cause yet (Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating here in Minnesota either) I have seperated as many AC cords from ethernet as I can with no change. My next thought is shielded ethernet cable. Does anyone out there use shielded network cables?
  10. I have this problem. 3 of my 5 controllers (CTB16, CCR, CCB(2), CMB) are located about 10 feet from my Garage Door opener. When the CCB or CCR controllers have power none of the remotes nor the wireless keypad will open the doors. In my experience the issue is range. If I place a remote against the Garage Doors (Double insulated aluminum) The doors will sometimes open. Even the wireless keypad dosen't work. The remotes work fine inside the garage but what good does that do me . To solve the problem this year I installed a mechanical timer on the controllers power. All power is off up until 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after the show. This allows normal garage door operations. Nobody should disturb the show anyway right LOR needs to sell extension cables for all their cosmic color devices. This would give us the flexibility we need for our displays. Sure you can cut the cables and insert your own extensions (I have read plenty of posts that have done it) but I'm not brave enough for nor do I want to void any warranties. I haven't updated the firmware so I will give that a try at the end of the season or next year (If it ain't broke don't fix it).
  11. I went very simple. 3/4" PVC pipe cut off at a 45 angle on one end, Two zip ties and a rubber mallet. Its crude but I had to beat the ground freezing (about to go into the deep freeze in Minnesota). Took about 45 minutes to cut and mount 8 LOR RGB Floods. One thing to note. Make sure you take into consideration the distance from the flood to the item your projecting on (Before you set the stakes). In this model I had to set the stakes at an angle because of the close proximity to the house.
  12. So nothing special. Other then 12V - 200W - 16.5A?
  13. Does anyone have a suggestion for a power supply for the CMB24 Controller. I plan to order the LOR one but I doubt it would make it to me by Halloween. This power supply would be for Halloween this year and a backup or maybe expansion next year. Outdoor rating is preferred but could be protected from elements if need be.
  14. Does anyone know of an outdoor enclosure that would work with the CMB24 and where to get it?
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