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  1. So you have an E1.311 Alphapix pixel controller, then you have a DMX DC board hanging off of that. I don't know the board, but most DMX controllers will have you set the dipswitches to the start channel (1-512). Unless you have multiples of these things in a daisy chain this is going to be 1. Or in binary "0000000001" :)
  2. I was running at 100% brightness and the videos just came out white. 60% was better, but now I'm at 30%. Honestly, I can't tell a difference, but my camera sure can. The only downside I've heard is that with lower brightness you don't get as much range out of gamma, which impacts your ability to hit some colors.
  3. The beat wizard tends to be a little off sometimes on where in the wave form it picks up the beat. If you have a song where the tempo changes then applying the beat wizard for each section of the song makes it work better. I like using the queen mary vamp plugins with Audacity (or other software that I won't mention), they get me pretty close and then for those tricky spots I'll listen to the song slow. Usually this is when I have one element synched up to something where if it were to be off it would be really noticeable. I don't go all OCD on a song and listen to it 8 times at 1/4 speed, that would be silly.
  4. LOR is a pretty basic design so there isn't alot of things it could be. Could be data. You're sequence may have an artifact like the tail end of a long fade, or you could have a background sequence running you forgot about, or if you have a bunch of LOR boxes you could be getting a data reflection that could be fixed with an RS485 terminator. Could be a short where something is wet that shouldn't be. But chances are its a triac.
  5. Some songs you can tell were put together on a computer. The beats are exactly the same, and you can pretty much cut and paste by time. Then other songs are just all completely off. I think some of these musicians drink while performing. For me I find guitars to be the hardest to sequence. Figuring out right when that note starts and they always seem to be a bit off (asynchronous). If I'm having trouble I just set the playback to 1/4 speed and manually mark the timings then go back and nudge them till I'm happy with it. (sometimes takes years)
  6. Very cute sequence. You should be proud.
  7. Http://YouTube.com/37iEkQ1fVVw
  8. So I'm doing my mom's house this year and need a standalone solution. So I bought the Light-O-Rama Gen3 mini director (UMP3g3). This one does not have an internal clock. How to upgrade firmware on LOR Gen3 Mini Director (uMP3g3)
  9. This was happening on all sequence files, on a local drive. Files were loading, albeit, very, very slowly. A short sequence (with basically no sequencing) took a few minutes. A normal sequence without pixels or RGB, well I gave up after waiting 2 hours. I rebooted Windows a couple of times, reinstalled the LOR software, upgraded to the latest LOR software and no luck. LOR software was using very little CPU and not much memory. So I went and reset Windows 10. Reinstalled everything and now it seems to be okay. Honestly, I think my problem was/is that my computer upgraded to Win10 and it didn't come with it already installed. I hate my Lenovo W540, oh so very much, for oh so many reasons. New Dell laptop is on the way.
  10. So after a month or two I opened up the Sequence Editor on my very beefy Lenovo Win10 laptop. The sequence editor loads up fine, but when I go to load a file it just sits there (Not Responding). I tried opening a LMS file with about 40 channels and after an hour gave up on it. I downloaded the newest version of the LOR software installed it, rebooted my computer, but still get the same results. Any ideas before I set my computer back to defaults?
  11. http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?42646-SanDevices-version-5-firmware-information-thread
  12. Yes, the new San Devices firmware is out as Beta. It does do the split universe thing just fine.
  13. If you're going for exact placement of pixels using the LOR visualizer I would draw some long lines to make sure you get all your pixels then edit the fixture to put the pixels right where you want them. I did something similar for a more complex shape below:
  14. I bought a bunch of these from Holiday Coro. Basically it is heat shrink with solder built in saving a step when soldering on pigtails, connecting strings, etc. They appear to work pretty good. I still plan to put another layer of Waytek heat shrink on the outside (just like Alan taught me to do). Link: HC Solder Shrink Sleeves, Link: Waytek heat shrink tubing
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